Patterns and Practices has Released the Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition

Obviously I am doing some catching up as this happenned in February 🙂


The patterns & practices group is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our library of architecture and development guidance:

Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition

This deliverable is available on MSDN at:

About the Deliverable

The Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition (also known as the Service Factory) is an integrated collection of resources designed to help our customers quickly and consistently build WCF and ASMX Web services that adhere to well-known architecture and design patterns. These resources consist of models with code generation in the form of tools integrated with Visual Studio and patterns and architecture topics in the form of written guidance.
The Service Factory contains automation and guidance integrated into Visual Studio 2008 for building Web services. The core of the automation components is a Web services domain model. This domain model contains elements such as service contracts, operations, messages, and data contracts. This domain model manifests itself in the form of three integrated domain-specific languages (DSLs) that are used to model services: Service Contract Model, Data Contract Model, and the Host Model. The Service Contract Model is illustrated in the following screenshot.


To learn more about the Service Factory, please visit its official home on MSDN at

Community (

The community site contains hands-on labs for both using and extending the Service Factory, discussions with customers and field, known issues, and roadmap information. In the near future the site will include presentations, demonstration videos, and community contributions.


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