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December  Session - Future of Web Development & Visual Studio 2008 Install-Fest

Session 1:  A tour of ASP.NET Futures

The first release of ASP.NET AJAX significantly changed the game for building responsive, engaging Web user experiences with ASP.NET. But what’s next? This session highlights some of the exciting things in store for ASP.NET. You’ll see what’s coming in ASP.NET AJAX including history support, CSS selectors and more. You’ll learn about new controls for integrating the rich behavior of Microsoft Silverlight into your web application. And you won’t believe how easy it is to build pages that front-end a database using the Dynamic Data Controls. This session finishes up with a tour of the new dynamic language support, including IronPython and Managed Jscript.

Session 2:  IIS7 Web Development & Optimization

IIS7 is the most flexible, extensible and customizable Web server on the planet. This session presents a tour of IIS7 and demonstrates the many benefits it offers developers. Learn about the end-to-end extensibility model in IIS7, which was used by the IIS product team to build all of the features in IIS7. We’ll also show off the new distributed configuration system and show how easy it is to deploy applications, including IIS configuration through simple XCopy deployment. This session also covers the improved support in IIS7 for common web programming languages like PHP as well as how to do Server-side Mash-up applications using the best of PHP and ASP.NET.  In addition we will look at we can performance tune slow AJAX applications? Take a deep technical dive into optimizing your Web code to run faster and more efficiently.

Session 3:  Visual Studio 2008 Install-Fest

Be the first to install and experience Visual Studio 2008!  Visual Studio is HERE and this event is your opportunity to get your hands on the released version before anyone else!  Every person that installs Visual Studio 2008 on their computer at the event will receive a FREE fully licensed copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional in the mail shortly after public release.  Click on one of the dates below to register, or check out today!

San Antonio, TX – 12/12     Cincinnati, OH – 12/10     Louisville, KY – 12/14     Southfield, MI – 12/14     Dallas, TX – 12/18

Minneapolis, MN – 12/18     Chicago, IL – 12/18     Brookfield, WI, 12/19

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