New Tester Center Debuts on MSDN!

Did you know we had a new site dedicated to those of you working hard to make sure we deliver quality applications?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Check it out!  There are great webcasts, white board sessions, channel 9 videos, forums, FAQs, Blogs, and all kinds of great collateral related to various testing related topics.  Here is an exerpt...

Launch Note

At the Tester Center, our goal is to provide a community where software testers can share knowledge and learn from each other about testing, our day-to-day job functions, processes, the tools we use, and the various roles we play. As you look around the site, you’ll see videos, articles, blogs, and other information. With your participation this site could be the start of many a conversation in our Software Testing Discussion Forum, where you can join other test professionals to exchange experiences and knowledge. Additionally, questions you ask at the Software Testing Discussion Forum will help guide the type of content we look to create over time. I hope you participate in this community and share your unique insights into the profession of software testing.
Launch Video.

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