Looking for a VSTS/TFS Training or Demo Application?

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Want a way to learn some basics about VSTS and TFS without leaving your couch, office, or cubicle?  Look no further!  This is not exactly news, it's been out there for some time, but it is certainly not easy to find.  It's a hefty download so make sure you have a decent connection speed and some time on your hands 🙂

Visual Studio Team System Basics Training

Brief Description

(200-level)  A complete, self-paced training course with a VPC image containing Team System software.



Provides training on:

  • Overview
  • Licensing
  • Architecture
  • Deployment and Maintenance
  • Team Foundation Server Extensibility
  • Team Foundation Reporting
  • Team Projects and Process Template Customization
  • Team Foundation Version Control
  • Team Foundation Build
  • Team Edition for Software Architects
  • Team Edition for Software Developers
  • Team Edition for Software Testers

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