DevCares, coming soon to a city near you! Provided you live in the midwest :)

We have added a downtown location to our monthly DevCares program. Starting tomorrow we will be kicking off DevCares/Downtown Chicago. This month’s topic delves into what developers need to know to build applications on top Windows Vista. This month’s sessions covers topics like User Account Control, Integrating Search into your applications, taking advantage of Vista's built in RSS support and building RSS-enabled applications and building Gadgets for the Windows Sidebar.

 With the addition of Downtown Chicago, DevCares is currently offered in 3-cities of the Midwest District – Chicago, Downers Grove and Indianapolis. We will be starting to kick off DevCares in Milwaukee and Appleton come next month.  This month’s dates and locations include:

Chicago (Loop)
Tuesday, February 13th, 1PM
Clarity Consulting, 1 North Franklin, Suite 3400, Chicago, IL

Downers Grove, IL
Thursday, February 22nd, 1PM
Microsoft, 3025 Highland Parkway, Suite 300, Downers Grove, IL.

Indianapolis, IN
Tuesday, February 27th, 1PM
Microsoft, 500 E. 96th St., Suite 460, Indianapolis, IN

You can always send your customers/co-workers and friends to the DevCares site at for the upcoming DevCares events.

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