So in case you were wondering… Yes, I did indeed change careers.

Well, changed BACK that is.  I have returned to my technical consulting roots.  You heard that right, I left Microsoft. December 31st was my last day ::gasp, choke, cough::  Don’t worry, it was my choice, and no they didn’t miss-treat me.  As a matter of fact, it was about the smoothest and most accommodating transition…


FREE ALM Webcast Series in November/December

Application Lifecycle Management is about managing the lifespan of your applications with a set of processes and tools that integrate team members and activities. Visual Studio 2010 focuses on further enhancing the flow of information across your team and improving software quality.  Microsoft invites you to participate in a five part webcast series designed to…


Ever Thought to Yourself “Wow, Angela has a FUN and AWESOME job in DPE”? Well, we are currently looking for a few good folks to join us!

There are currently several job openings within Microsoft DPE in the Midwest and surrounding states.  And it occurred to me, I have LOTS of friends in the biz who would make awesome evangelists, but they probably have no idea that the we are looking for people.  RIGHT NOW! Below are 3 of the openings that…


Live Webcast with Clint and Zain! The Ultimate Guide to Visual Studio 2010: Coding Debugging, Modeling, Testing, Building and Deployment

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Studio 2010 – Coding, Debugging, Modeling, Testing, Building and Deployment When: November 9, 2011 1:00pm – 4:00pm (CST) — Register Here Visual Studio 2010 is packed with new and enhanced features to help you create the best code possible and simplify your entire development process from design to deployment. Microsoft…


Eric Landes Speaks About Working with Remote Teams at the next Chicago ALM User Group

Have you had to work with remote teams? If you are working in a technology related field, especially software development, chances are you answered “YES”.  Were those remote teams in different time zones, or did they speak another language? Good chance that is the case as well.  Eric Landes is an experienced developer from the…


Free Event: ALM for Agile Development with Visual Studio and TFS 2010 in Chicago, Milwaukee and Indianapolis in November

November | 8 | Chicago -  Microsoft Office Downtown Due to Microsoft Office space constraints only 24 attendees will be allowed to register for the Chicago event Register here for Chicago event here: Drive your business forward by learning about how to leverage Application Lifecycle Management in an Agile environment. Join us as we…


Some Great FREE Windows Phone and ALM Sessions coming to IL, IN and WI in November!

Successful Agile ALM Using Modern Techniques. – Fast. Forward. Thinking. In this free seminar, we will explore how to leverage Application Lifecycle Management in an Agile environment. Join us as we dive into Microsoft’s tools, the basics of Scrum, emergent architecture and Agile testing. Centare’s panel of experts will provide a beginning to end overview…


What I am Chattering about Lately (and REPEATEDLY) on Twitter Lately

In case you haven’t heard, I am ALL OVER social networking.  If you follow my personal account, it’s full of cooking stories and food pics, DIY and crafting advice, My Fluevog shoe obsession, cute pictures of my dog, cute pictures of OTHER people’s dogs and tech stuff.  Maybe not your cup of tea, cause you…


FREE Software Process & Scrum On-line Event Series by Northwest Cadence in October and November!

Software Process Events Series Thursday, October 6 | Introduction to Scrum Register to attend Scrum is the most adopted agile methodology. Time and again, it has transformed low performing development teams into powerful creators of business value. Scrum does particularly well in environments where requirements shift or change unpredictably and in areas with substantial uncertainty….