The Best Microsoft Keyboard. Ever. The Natural Keyboard Pro.

Keyboards are a very personal thing. For those of us whose job requires their use basically all day, every day, they are the piece of hardware that we have to be comfortable with. A good keyboard will stay with you for years, decades in fact, but PCs will be upgraded and so will your monitors….


When it hits the fan: Restoring Windows XP via ASR

My main HD appeared to be failing, so I got a replacement drive and attempted to firstly clone, then ASR Restore my Windows XP installation to it. I am a veteran of umpteen OS installations, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually needed to do a full restore. It wasn’t pretty, and here…


Why Do We Always Change Notepad?

Notepad is a given. Its on every Windows machine, going back to Win16. When you need to edit something in a hurry, on any machine, then it is the obvious tool of choice. And yet with every Windows release, someone decides to change it. Not in a big way, but for changes sake. To keep…


File and Settings Transfer Wizard: friend or foe?

The “File and Settings Transfer Wizard” is either a life saving piece of software, or a pile of junk. Allow me to explain. My father inherited one of my old machines and needed to get his files & settings from his old XP Home machine to his new-ish XP Pro machine. This seemingly simple process…


Shock! Horror! Microsoft release usable keyboards!

Many of us at Microsoft have hated our own keyboards for a number of years. I personally am a natural keyboard fan, and I hoarded the original “good” Natural Keyboard and the only decent follow-up, the Natural Keyboard Pro. Since these great keyboards were produced, the MS keyboards went downhill fast for me. The first…


Viewsonic V150p Airpanel Smart Display Review

A have posted a full review of the Viewsonic V150p Airpanel Smart Display on my web site and this is the place for any comments or feedback.


Windows XP SP2 and the Visual Studio Debugger

Oh what fun XP SP2 was for the debugger team! The firewall defaulting to On obviously completely broke Remote Debugging, and the DCOM changes broke it even more. Kept us busy for a long time. Well Gregg, mostly. The results are threefold: A new KB 841177 that links to and describes how to use: An HTA…


When Bargains Turn Bad

There are so many bargains out there now, but sometimes they cost more than you bargained for. Case in point: Fry’s had 250G hard drives for $70 after rebates, which I couldn’t resist. I drove down there one Friday, then spent Friday night putting the drive into my server. And Saturday for a few hours…