Letter to DirecTV: You have a month to show the new TiVo or I’m going to Fios TV

As a happy TiVo customer since 1999 I and a reasonably happy DirecTV customer since 2000 I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new DirecTV TiVo. However its been a while since I’ve heard anything about it, and now I’m pissed. My existing DirecTV HD TiVo can’t do MPEG4, which wouldn’t be so bad except DTV keep…


Using a Zune 80GB as a Car Video Player

Following on the theme of trying to make it easier for my kids to watch movies in the car but without the hassle of the pesky shiny discs, I decided to try using a Zune 80GB as a car video player. This is clearly outside its design parameters, because the Zune Car Kit has no…


My personal take on the iPhone: deja vu

I paid $500 for a smartphone with a touchscreen, music player, email, web browser and a camera. No, this wasn’t an iPhone I got before tomorrow’s launch, it was a Sony Ericsson P800 and it was almost five years ago. The iPhone hype is really getting to me: its like people haven’t really looked noticed earlier smartphones before…


BBC America: Why Do You Hate Me So?

I’m sorry but I have to rant about BBC America’s Guide Data that my Tivo uses. My TV enjoyment is determined entirely by how well or otherwise my TiVo works. In my seven years of using TiVo, only once has it not recorded something I wanted. However, in order for it to do its job…


Wanted: Power Strip with Switches

It shouldn’t be this hard, but all I want is a power strip with switches on each outlet. In my garage I have no less than six different chargers, and I don’t want or need them to be on all the time. If I still lived in the UK, I could find such a device…


PS3 Video Specs – Much Less Than Originally Claimed

Sony’s press release for the PS3 makes interesting reading, especially for the cheaper one (if $499 can be described as cheap). It lacks digital video out, so I’m not sure how they can do 1080p at all (how many TVs can take 1080p over component video? None that I have ever seen). There is also…


Windows XP Bluetooth Rant: One Year Later

In my blog from a year ago I ranted about the poor state of bluetooth in Windows at the time, and the pain in syncing my Sony Ericsson P800 phone over bluetooth. Its now 12 months later, XP SP2 has long since shipped, plus S/E have updated their sync software, so I thought I should…


DVDs in 1080i, from a network share: Nirvana

I have moved this posting regarding the beta 2.0 software for the Roku HD1000 to my personal web site at ControlAV. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I Need Exchange ActiveSync on my phone

The past few weeks of extreme busy-ness in Visual Studio land (details omitted) have clearly demonstrated the need for my phone to be able to connect to my corporate email, which of course is Exchange. Microsoft Smartphones and the latest PocketPCs support Exchange ActiveSync, which syncs mail, calendar and contacts over GPRS in seamless fashion….


Shocking news: Google can’t find something

We have a little known feature in the debugger so I wanted to see where, if anywhere, it is documented, so naturally I used Google. It can’t find it. Not because it doesnt exist, but because the thing I am looking for is “.load” : yes, that’s a period in front of it. Google seems…