Blu-ray fails to overtake DVD as many predicted

Two years ago Disney predicted that Blu-ray sales would overtake DVD in two years. Like pretty much every prediction about Blu-ray this has failed to occur. In fact the studios have actually reduced the number of BDs they are producing: this year there are actually 10% less BD titles released than in the preceeding 12 months…


More HD DVD players than Blu-ray players in America. Still. In 2009.

In frankly amazing news even to me, a new Harris Poll shows that over a year and a half since the format war ended there are more Americans with HD DVD players than with Blu-ray players, and in fact 2009 was a pretty good year for HD DVD players, in 2008 6% of Americans had an…


HD DVD Is Back!

Following last week’s announcements regarding Blu-ray and the Sony Playstation 3, it looks like HD DVD will be coming back as the high definition movie format of choice. Call me amazed but happy! The first clue, which few seemed to notice, was that Sony Electronics didn’t show any new Blu-ray players at CES in 2009….


How Do You Debug A Movie?

How do you debug a movie? Before I get too old and forget, here is the story of one bug that I had to find when playing King Kong in the Xbox HD DVD player. It concludes with yet another reason I am so glad we’re not doing a Blu-ray player. The HD DVD team…


Blu-ray on Xbox 360: Never. Thank goodness for that

The President of the Entertainment & Devices group has made it crystal clear, hopefully for the last time: Xbox 360 won’t ever get Blu-ray. Woohooh! Glad to see we’re not about to throw money into that particular pit and support that other HD format. Maybe, just maybe, the crazy rumors might stop now. I’d better…


What did you do in the Format War, Daddy?

My kids are 2 and 4 yrs old so have little concept of what Daddy does, though they do know the words DVD, Xbox, and Lightsaber. However in a decade or so they might be able to understand what Daddy did in the format war, so here’s how I plan on explaining the last three…


Why HD DVD Really Lost The Format War

It’s all my fault. I’m terribly sorry. Something critical happened in October 2007 that I forgot to add to yesterday’s Diary posting. Before CES 2007 I was going to do it, but I was worried that something bad might happen at CES so I didn’t. After the Paramount announcement I figured that CES 2008 was going…


Diary of a High Definition Format War

Here are my personal highlights (and lowlights) of the format war, from down in the trenches of the HD DVD team at Microsoft. To make it a bit clearer, here is a graph of the peaks and troughs of the last three years: April 2005: I join the Profession Content Group. Immediately start work on…


Come see HDi at the Sundance Film Festival

If you are attending the Sundance Film Festival, please drop by the Microsoft House on Main Street and say Hi to representatives of the HDi team and see some cool demos and movie screenings. I’ll be there myself from the 24th to the 26th, and someone else will be there to assist you on the…


Xbox 360 HD DVD Version List

Here I will try and document the various releases of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, in reverse chronological order. Major releases are in bold (a major release either has new features or has a boat-load of changes, minor releases are pure bug fixes). To see which version you have, while playing a disc press…