Fixing Letterboxed Widescreen content on HD DVDs

HD DVD obviously rocks on HD content, but the SD content on the discs often grates me as it is displayed as widescreen content with black bars on the top and the sides. This happens because the original content (usually Extras) came from old fashioned DVD, and was 16:9 content letterboxed into a 4:3 frame….


Xbox 360 HD DVD Update Now Available

[Player version list now moved to separate post] As of 2am this morning, the latest software for the Xbox HD DVD player is now available via Xbox Live (and will be posted on in due course). The three teams involved (HD DVD, Xbox and the Codec folks) have all been hard at work for…


Matrix coming to HD DVD (only)

At last: on May 22 we get the Matrix on HD DVD, according to Remember when The Matrix was released on DVD? It was pretty advanced in its day, so I’m expecting a similar step forward for the HD DVD version.  Of course no stand-alone Blu-Ray player can do secondary video playback, so the…


Sonos: The Perfect Network Music Player?

I have posted a review of the Sonos network music player on my personal site. If you have any feedback or questions, please use this blog entry.


Xbox 360 HD DVD drive now in black

We just got some goodies on our team: Xbox 360 HD DVD drives in black! These limited-edition drives were made especially for those of us who helped work on the product, and come along with a black remote control. All I need now is an Xbox 360 at home to plug it into and I’ll…


Comparing the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on with the Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player

With the release of the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on drive, I thought people might like to know how it compares feature-wise to the Toshiba A1 HD DVD player. I have owned a Toshiba since it was released, and have used the Xbox drive extensively at work and at home (as a part of the…


Why does my TiVo contain Apple’s Bonjour network code?

My HD TiVo finally upgraded to 6.3a last night – at long last I get Folders. However, I noticed at the end of the System Info page some new text saying “This product contains Apple Computer Inc’s Bonjour network discovery protocol. Source code for the Bonjour software is available at”…WTF? My TiVo has no network…


BBC America: Why Do You Hate Me So?

I’m sorry but I have to rant about BBC America’s Guide Data that my Tivo uses. My TV enjoyment is determined entirely by how well or otherwise my TiVo works. In my seven years of using TiVo, only once has it not recorded something I wanted. However, in order for it to do its job…


Go See the HD DVD Tour

There is a giant truck set up with kick-ass video and audio systems so you can witness HD DVD in all its fabulous goodness. The schedule looks like this: Chicago: Oct 30 Denver: done Dallas: done LA: Nov 20-22 Minneapolis: Sep 29-30 New York: Oct 10-15 Philadelphia: Nov 9 Richmond: Nov 3-4 Seattle: Dec 7-9 San Fransisco:…


If you want the Truth about Blu-Ray vs HD DVD

Please read the Joe Kane article in Issue 3 of the Widescreen Review Newsletter (sign up here). Joe is the industry expert on video playback, and he has some very telling comments to make about what is broken about Blu-Ray: why its picture quality is so poor, and why its audio abilities are so limited….