Debugger Window Menu Items: Where should they be?

The VS debugger since 7.0 has put most debugger windows on the Debug menu, under the Windows sub-menu. I say ‘most’ because the Output window lives on the View menu, under Other Windows sub-menu. Where do you expect debugger windows to be on the menu? (Ignore Output for now, we intend to fix that one…


Visual Studio Key Bindings : why do we do change them?

Every new release of Visual Studio comes with changed key bindings. Excuse me, “better” key bindings, as the designers would have you believe. I don’t buy it. I still use the VC2 key binding set, because for me F8 is Step Into. We should never have switched to F11, and the person who made this…


Why don’t cordless phones have a global phone book?

I want to get a new 4-handset cordless phone, ideally 5.8GHz, but as far as I can tell, none of them have a global phone book. They all store the phone books in the handsets, and most give you a way of copying between handsets, but none just store it in the base-station for all…


Roku HD1000 Review

Here is the place to discuss anything about my review of the Roku HD1000 HDTV media player.


Visual Studio Breakpoint Helper

I have created a prototype Breakpoint Helper that deals with the most common issues that Visual Studio Debugger users have when their breakpoints don’t work. This is only a prototype, but I hope people will still find it useful. If the feedback is promising I can try to get it integrated into VS2005. If you…


TiVo for HDTV: At Last!

I have just posted a full review of my brand-new new Hughes HR10-DVR250 HD TiVo on my ControlAV site. If you have any comments on it, feel free to use this blog.


An Ode for Programmers (apologies to Monty Python)

From a long lost t-shirt. Think Monty Python & the Holy Grail: We’re programmers of the Round Table. We code when e’re we’re able. We write specs and subroutines With crashes rebootable. We dine well in our cubes a lot. Eat pizza with ham and jam and spam a lot. We’re programmers of the Round…


Other Related Bloggers

If you visit here you will find other C# team members who blog. Other debugger team blogs are: Developers: Gregg, Steve, Jim, and Me Testers: Min, Monica, Rich, Deep Program Managers: Scott I will update the list as more debugger team members get into blogging. We have about 50% coverage so far.


Quick way to open files in Visual Studio IDE

In 7.0 and later you can simply and quickly open files by going to the Find combo in the toolbar, and type >open c:\goo\bar.cpp The pathname will even auto-complete as you type! Even the command name (“open“ in this case) will auto-complete. You will probably find other handy commands in there by experimenting.


Wireless Networking Troubles (aka I want those three days back)

This is the story of a wireless networking problem I had at home, what it was, the clues I missed, and how I eventually solved it. The Setup My main router is an MN-700, and its wireless is somewhat secure via WEP. I do broadcast my SSID as it makes debugging issues easier (well that…