Blu-ray on Xbox 360: Never. Thank goodness for that

The President of the Entertainment & Devices group has made it crystal clear, hopefully for the last time: Xbox 360 won't ever get Blu-ray.

Woohooh! Glad to see we're not about to throw money into that particular pit and support that other HD format. Maybe, just maybe, the crazy rumors might stop now.

I'd better keep quiet about Sony's secret plan to add HD DVD playback to the PS3...

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  1. johnw says:

    I’m confused as to why you’re happy about this.

  2. Andy-Pennell says:

    I am happy for multiple reasons:

    1. I hate Blu-ray for obvious historic reasons

    2. I am happy the rumour mill should stop now

    3. I am happy MS doesn’t have to give any money to the BD cartel

  3. Deniz says:

    I don’t blame you one bit, for obvious reasons.  I finally picked up a PS3 (of all things) for Blu-ray as I haven’t even played a game on it yet.  It was 299 at the time so I couldn’t pass on my need for HD.

    I do laugh when Blu-ray brags about a newly released title having "interactive" features, when HD-DVD had them almost 2 years ago.  On that note, I have a friend with a version…I mean Profile 1.0 player who is kind of choked that he can’t see any of the cool features.  One of many downfalls, not mentioning Disney’s wonderful 20 minutes of trailers before the menu comes up.  Good use of that extra storage, BDA!  🙂

    Every time my wife and I pop in an HD-DVD, I have a quiet moment with a tear in my eye :), wishing HD-DVD had won the war.

    But man, I am loving the sales!  I am STILL finding movies all over for around $6cdn!

  4. nobodyman says:

    I agree that at this point Blu-ray on 360 doesn’t make much sense.  Even so,  I’ll be very interested to see what happens for the next generation of consoles.  Even if it’s three years from now,  I don’t think that the infrastructure will be ready for a pure digital distribution scenario.  And DVD won’t provide enough capacity as were already seeing developers trimming down content or issuing games that span multiple DVD’s.  So what then?

  5. Andy-Pennell says:

    nobodyman: No need to go Blu if capacity is the issue, there are much simpler and cheaper ways: HD DVD. Crazy as it sounds, HD DVD (the disc format, not the movie format) would work. There is a huge latent capacity to make them (most DVD duplicators can easily do them) and they cost only a little more than DVDs. Or maybe SD cards and their ilk will be sufficient by then? Who knows, but its fun to speculate.

  6. René says:

    Hi Andy.

    I think your blog entry shows you are still affected by some bitterness related to the failure of the hd dvd format, which is of course is understandable 🙂

    Anyway, I think a blu-ray add-on for the 360 would be great, for all the same reason the hd dvd driver was great. I get to see high def movies with great sound. I think most hd dvd add-on owners would like a blu-ray drive, now that hd dvd dead – for the same reasons they bought the hd dvd drive. We want to see high def movies – we didn’t buy it just to have a hd dvd drive ;-).

    I live in Denmark, and don’t have access to video marketplace or netflix. From Microsoft standpoint I don’t understand why they remove one of the PS3’s (the only?) selling points and give the xbox 360 customers the option to by a blu-ray drive.

    So right now I am considering buying a PS3 only due to blu-ray playback. I would never consider the PS3, if I could by a blu-ray add-on – then I could have one console to rule them all :-).


  7. Andy-Pennell says:

    René: Yes, naturally I remain bitter and twisted over certain historic events 🙂

  8. nobodyman says:

    andypennell:  It’s funny,  I was about to ask a followup re: using HD-DVD just for the data aspect.  You raise good points, but wouldn’t you benefit from economies of scale by going with Blu-ray over HD-DVD (assuming we’re ignoring the movie-playback angle and strictly using the format for data)?  That way you get the size benefits but don’t have to muck around with that BD-J nonsense.

    And you’re right, it’s not hard to imagine flash media being a viable format down the road.  Plus it’d be ironic to see the next generation of games go back to the cartridge roots of their ancestors 🙂

  9. Andy-Pennell says:

    nobodyman: If there actually were any economies of scale for BD then you would have a good point. However right now its so much cheaper to make an HD DVD disc than a BD one (once subsidies are removed) and easier too, and HD DVD drives were cheaper (and simpler) when there was still two formats. It might change eventually, but not in the forseeable future as I see it.

  10. Tony says:

    OK, I get all of your points as to why MS supporting Blue-Ray is a bad thing Andy.  But what your (MS) doing, is making me buy a PS3, because the stand alone Blue-Ray players are an unknown quantity if Sony choose to roll out a new profile.

    MS offer downloads, but they are only for American users, the rest of the world has 2 choices, buy a PS3, or take a gamble on a stand alone player, either way, this is not a win for us consumers, nor is it a win for Microsoft.

    I love my Xbox360, and I love the HD-DVD player, and I would love a Blue-Ray player to make my Xbox give me the best of all worlds.

    I fail to see why you think this is a good situation?

  11. Andy-Pennell says:

    Good points Tony. If Blu-ray remains mostly a PS3-only-thing it will never succeed as a mainstream format, so if you want to buy a PS3 I’m not going to stop you. If you only use it as a BD player thats even better, because Sony will be losing money on you as a customer, which is good for MS in a way.

  12. wideboydave says:

    I bought an HD-DVD drive for my xbox about a year ago from a second hand shop (£14) and I think it was the bargain of the century, especially as the HD-DVDs have averaged around £6-7 each for my collection (now up to around 43 discs). My only gripe now is that there are some films I want to get in HD which I can’t without going Blu (The Dark Knight for eg). I succumbed with Hellboy II and bought the DVD.

    I am very close to buying a Bluray player now, but I want to wait until the prices come down a bit further. I was even thinking about getting a BD drive for my PC and streaming it, but I can’t seem to find a way of doing it (one I would need to get a wired connection to do the HD signal). Tversity could do it if I ripped the Blu-Ray onto my HD.

    I wonder how long it will be until someone finds a way to hack in to the xbox to allow you to install a BD drive in the HD-DVD caddy… I’m not even sure if it would be remotely possible, but he would be very popular!

    I’m also pleased with the portable device feature as I have a huge external drive with lots of divx films on it! I just wish you could use the external drive to save downloads (I’ve only got the 20Gb HD drive 🙁 ).

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