Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive: Movie Specific Known Issues

The purpose of this post is to highlight the most common current title issues and, where possible, supply work-arounds. For general troubleshooting see the previous post first: the most common problems are described there. Items will be listed in reverse chronological order (ie newer titles will be at the top). If you have any issue be sure you are running the latest version of the player software which is 2.0.5127 right now. I hope to update this post as new information becomes available. Note that this list is culled from issues we have seen here in-house and have debugged. General rumors and fantastical claims will not be featured in this list.
[Various] Matrix Discs ("Can't read disc")
If you have this error with these discs (and other HD DVDs work fine), and have updated the player software to the latest version without improving the situation, please contant the manufacturer for a replacement disc.
Star Trek Original Series 1 (US version) (hang on Disc 6, during "Galileo 7" credits)
Bourne Ultimatum (hang in Chapter 15)
Press FF then Play to get it "unstuck" 
Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix (hang during IME playback)
Fixed in 2.0.4645
Heroes, Evan Almighty, Transformers (hang after saving a bookmark)
Workaround is to not be connected to the network. Fixed in 2.0.4645.

Hot Fuzz (error C667000A after Universal logo)

Sporadic issue, retry and it should work fine. Fixed in 2.0.4641

Children of Men, The Good Shepherd ("Can't read disc")

A batch of these discs had a manufacturing defect, please contact Universal for a replacement disc. See

Relentless Enemies ("Can't read disc")

This disc is not compatible with every Xbox 360 HD DVD drive. There is no work-around at this time.

Comments (105)
  1. jonathan says:

    I have a weird issue.  A few days ago I purchased and elite system and HD dvd player. King kong HD played great but that system was too noisy so i returned it. I then got another elite system and the salesmen just swapped the harddrive from the previous one into the new one. When I got that machine home it had the three red lights. I returned it again and got a third elite box. This one works fine I did an xbox live migration. When I attempt to play king kong HD the scenes are very blocky and it locks up after about 30 seconds. some scenes will not even play. Some times I will get a notice saying i do not have the correct license to play the DVD and it bounces me to the dashboard. Playing normal dvds in the HD player also appear blocky and glitchy (they do not when playing in the xbox itself). All of this is making me think its some software block or some sort of macrovision and the system might think im trying to copy the dvd (that is just a guess). Any thoughts on this?

  2. Andy-Pennell says:

    I helped Jonathan offline and determined his drive is faulty, by trying it on a friend’s 360.

  3. David M. says:

    Has anyone else had a problem with the "300" dual combo HD-DVD locking up on the "reading" screen and not even loading? The first time I start-up the 360, the movie loads fine. But when I eject the disc and reload it, it locks up on "reading" and goes no further. Installing the latest HD-DVD drive updates/upgrades does no good. Deleting memory from the system blade does no good either. Only after ejecting and reloading the movie 5 or 6 times does it work.

    Any solutions? Is this a problem with my player??

  4. Edwin B. says:

    I’ve been dealing with this since I purchased my 360 player a month ago. Also, "The Fountain" has yielded the same result. I’ve exhausted every option through online and phone support, and I’ve concluded that the responsibility falls solely on Warner Home Video. Did you get that leaflet inside  the "300" disc warning of possible problems with the disc due to advanced manufacturing? "The Fountain" had it also.

    Any ideas on how to get in touch with Warner on this? Their home video site has no support link, far as I’ve seen.    

  5. Andy-Pennell says:

    Warners support phone number can be found at and is 1-866-488-4640

  6. Paul Warren says:

    Hi Andy,

    Star Trek HD-DVD is either faulty on several discs or the Drive needs an update again. I am on the latest 2.0.4641 firmware & Where No Man Has Gone Before freezes up about 3 mins in at the start of the main titles.

    The Menagerie Part1 freezes with approx 13 mins left. Then Part2 freezes about 20 mins in.

    A lot of people are having these same issues with the UK sets. I have plenty of other HD-DVDs which work fine including Transformers, Top Gun & The Jack Ryan Collection.

    Please can you look into this.

    Thank You

  7. Andy-Pennell says:

    I think I know what the issue may be with the UK STOS discs, I’ll get someone to verify. The good news is that if I’m right the fix is already in the works.

  8. Paul Warren says:

    Thanks for the update Andy.

    Also, I have noticed that it gives an error message as well regarding not being licenced to play disc4 (the menagerie one) even though I have the network settings enabled to accept all cookies and my 360 is connected to XBL when I am watching HD-DVD’s. This message comes up after it has frozen but only for part1, part2 just freezes on screen and locks so you have to eject the disc to recover from it. For the part1 glitch you can fast forward it like you can for the Where No Man Has Gone Before main title start glitch.

    It’s a shame about these glitches as my other 17 HD-DVD’s are completely glitch free.

  9. Andy-Pennell says:

    The licence error is actually good news: that issue should be fixed in the next release (but there is no work-around for you right now). We did try your earlier repro on a European STOS check disc and saw no problems, we are still waiting for the retail discs to get across the Atlantic for further testing.

  10. Reco says:

    I have the Dutch version of the STar Trek HD-DVD ad I have the exactly same problems using the XBOX drive. So I guess it is not only the UK version but a general problem for the European boxes.

    I wonder if theses disks plays fine on other HD-DVDs drives.


  11. Peter Rohlfs says:

    I have the US Version of Star Trek Original.  Disc 6, first Episode HD side (Galieo 7) freezes at the oepning credits with or without Starfleet mode.  If you fast forward or chapter forward it continues, biut if left frozen it crashes.

    Disc looks in perfect condition.  I exchanged with, new disc had the same problem.



  12. Peter Rohlfs says:

    Thank You.

    BTW MS Tech support does not know this is an issue.  I emailed them, and was told to call instead of it being a known issue.



  13. Andy-Pennell says:

    To be fair to Xbox support, they don’t know about this. It is a “known issue” only to maybe 4 people on our team right now. I don’t add issues to this blog entry unless I know what the cause is and we have not got that far with this particular one yet. I believe a chapter-skip will work-around the issue on the US disc at least.

  14. Chris Herbert says:

    If it helps your investigation I can confirm (like the poster above who has the US version) that my disk 6 / Episode Galileo Seven freezes exactly where his does (at the opening credits). A quick couple of pauses on the remote or a very slight forward wind kick starts it again.

    The difference is mine is a UK PAL Version !

    I am running it on the XBOX 360 HD-DVD Player (UK)

    I may have problem elsewhere but I haven’t watched many yet so cannot report. However, I have watched The Menagerie Parts 1 & 2 without issues.

  15. Paul Warren says:

    So Andy are you saying that at this stage no-one needs to get any replacement discs and you can fix this with a firmware or cookie update as I am close to getting a refund for my entire set as I cannot watch this not cheap £120 set (over $240 US) properly for almost 2 weeks now!

    Is no-one else bothered about this fact as the problem is if you wait too long for a refund it becomes harder to get one!

  16. Andy-Pennell says:

    Paul: For the US version, yes, it is an Xbox player bug that will be fixed. I can’t say that for certain on the Euro versions until we have investigated further.

  17. Paul Warren says:

    Thanks for the update Andy.

    I have decided to get a refund for now as it is much harder to get one the longer you wait and reading between the lines this is unlikely to be resolved until the discs are corrected.

    When these are corrected and the firmware/cookies are sorted so the playback is as seamless as it should be then I will be happy to buy again but for now not prepared to have an expensive paperweight I cannot enjoy to the full.

  18. Andy-Pennell says:

    Paul: you must have misunderstood me. I don’t expect the discs to be "corrected". I do expect the player software to be fixed. Not sure that one soft hang amongst X hours of great playback is worth the hassle of returning the set, but that’s your call of course.

  19. Paul Warren says:

    Andy I did not misunderstand you at all, many people are having issues with these sets both US & UK. This is regardless if it is on the 360 drive, or a Toshiba player. I have read of others having additional problems on other episodes at different points. So far I have noticed at least 5 issues. To me skipping forward even 1 second to correct such an issue is unacceptable.

    In my experience this is probably only going to be fully resolved by a repressing as wel las the firmware/software update.

    Additionally in the UK a lot of SD Disc1 are badly either scratched or the HDDVD side has a slight melt mark on the spindle. I looked at 2 different sets in HMV and this was after already swopping out my Disc1 twice.

    No way am I going to commit any more money or time to this until I read that it is all resolved. Then I will be happy to buy again.

    Compared to my perfect experiences with Bluray this has been very poor indeed at a time when as you know HD-DVD needs to deliver the goods. This high profile release has been poorly handled by the people responsible for mastering & pressing the discs.

    I would be surprised if they even did  QA as if so then surely these issues would have come to light before now?

  20. Matthew Smith says:

    My problem is that it is difficult to get the Star Trek Disks to play the first time I put them in and the last two won’t play at all.  I have exchanged them once, but I suspect that they came from the same batch.  I have an Elite system with the HD-DVD drive.  I downloaded the update from MS XBOX360 support page and the results are the same.  All of the other 25 HD-DVDs I have play fine

  21. Eric says:

    Has anyone encountered issues with Chronicles of Riddick?  After seeing the opening credits, the system requested I download an update from Xbox live.  After the download completed, I am unable to play this or any other hd-dvd disc in the player.  To boot, the hd-dvd no longer shows under memory->System, where I would delete the pstorage and try again.

  22. Andy-Pennell says:

    Eric: you have a hardware problem. Check your usb cable and try a different usb port.

  23. Eric says:

    Thanks for the quick response Andy.  I replaced the cable and tried the two front ports with no luck.  This issue started only after downloading an update requested by the movie, is there way to remove the update from the system?

  24. Andy-Pennell says:

    Eric: updates are not removable. If the dashboard doesn’t recognize the drive, then you must have a hardware problem and you have tried the obvious diagnostics: the update code doesn’t even run until you select "Play HD DVD" in the dash. Any chance you could try your drive on a buddy’s Xbox?

  25. Eric says:

    Andy- That drive is hosed.  I took it to a friends and tried it on their box.  It’ll play regular DVDs, but not HD-DVDs.  Still doesn’t show up as a memory device on the system blade.  Xbox support was happy to inform me the drive is no longer under warranty (3 months?!), so I’m looking to my Credit card issuer for support now.

    Anyone need a doorstop? =)

  26. Andy-Pennell says:

    Eric: sorry to hear that. One last thing that might be worth a try: boot with the disc that came with the drive. Its possible you can re-initialize the drive that way. You’ve got nothing to lose in trying at this point…

  27. Mapster says:

    Andy, I purchased Transformers (UK) and after pausing it wouldn’t restart.  The disc would just grind as if it was trying to find the area to begin from.

    It did this every single time and I had to reboot the box to be able to continue.  Any thoughts?

  28. Andy-Pennell says:

    Mapster: You mean just pressing Pause? Weird, I have never heard of anything like this. Did you pause it overnight or something?

  29. If you know what an error code means, it can be immensely helpful in diagnosing the problem with your

  30. Peter Rohlfs says:

    Just got an update when I put in Bournbe Ultimatum.  That played fine, but the update didn’t fix Star Trek Disc 6 Galieo 7.


  31. Ante says:

    Hi! Bought the HDDVD-addon in november 07. Version 2.0.4641. V for Vendetta wont play. I get "unreadable disc", the first time i tried it, directly i got home after buyning it, it worked fine but then the next day "unreadable disc", got back to the store and changed it for a new one, exactly the same problem with the new one. I only got 2 other titles but they seem to work fine. Now i dont own V for Vendetta anymore, got my money back. By the way, i live in Europe, Sweden.

  32. James says:

    I just got The Bourne Ultimatum and I get the "Can’t read this disc" error.

    I have wiped cookies etc, but it just does not work. I had the same problem with Oceans thirteen(returned). Both discs are of the "Combo" Format(both DVD and HD-DVD versions)

    Any ideas?

  33. Andy-Pennell says:

    If anyone believes they have problems with Cmobo discs specifically please see the thread at by which you can send us the disc for analysis and we’ll send you a replacement.

    James: assuming you can read other HD DVD discs, try your drive on another Xbox: if problems persist get the drive replaced.

  34. Chris Herbert says:

    Can we have an update on the Star Trek issues? Most notably Star Trek Disc 6 Galieo 7 freezing during main credits.

  35. TheArsenal says:

    hello,i was just reading all the comments and problems ppl are having and was wondering if its really worth it at this point getting the hd dvd drive.

    help on this would be great,i’m in the debating process, i have the elite 360.

  36. Andy-Pennell says:

    TheArsenal: folks only post here if they have a problem. The drive works just great for the vast majority of users, trust me. We know from the Combo thread listed above that the extent of the combo "problem" is vastly over-exaggerated. We have drives here in the team that have been in near constant use since before the product was released, and our problem/failure rate is incredibly low.

  37. Andy-Pennell says:

    Chris: still trying to get hold of a Euro Star Trek disc to investigate, will update when I know something.

  38. Chris Herbert says:

    In case you missed it, Peter Rohlfs posted above and he has the same problem at the same place (Disk 6 – Galieo 7 opening credits) with the US version of the disks so I don’t see why you need a Euro copy to look into this problem?

  39. Andy-Pennell says:

    OK I just tried (US) Disk 6, "Galileo 7" ep on 2.0.4645 player with no issues. I put the disc in, waited for the menu, selected the episode then "Engage". I tried again with "Starfleet Access" enabled, no problems with that either. Is there some other sequence I should be using to repro this problem?

  40. Chris Herbert says:

    That is strange. I will try my disk again tomorrow and confirm the player version with you.

    Do Microsoft use different manufacturers for the internal drive of the HD-DVD addon? Is it possible that this problem could be associated with certain revisions of the hardware rather than the software?

    I think its certainly more than a coincidence that Peter’s disk was freezing on the same episode and same spot.

    I can give you an exact timecode later but you need to watch the episode intro and wait for the ‘Space – the Final Frontier..’ and the opening credits.. just as the first enterprise flyby comes into view it freezes just as the enterprise is in full view.

  41. Andy-Pennell says:

    Thanks Chris, I reproed the Star Trek Disc 6 issue and have updated this posting with it, as we know what is causing this.

  42. Chris says:


    I was unable to play "Mr. Bean’s Holiday". It played until Chapter 11 and then locked up with the C667000A error code.  This disk is a Combo Format disk.

    Andy, do you know is this a Universal issue with their disk or does the 360 player not handle the disk correctly?  I assume I have the latest version of the software, since it asked me to update and I did.

    Thanks for any information you can provide on this issue. Hope you have a great new year!

    – Chris

  43. Tom says:

    My HD DVD works great with King Kong but when I attempt to play other HD DVD (I only have two other Harry Potter and Bourne Supremencey) they both get "Can’t Read Disc".  Is there any way to fix this issue or should I do what Tech Support said and return my HD DVD without doing any troubleshooting?

  44. Gary Hawkw says:

    Any one finding problems with Blade Runner, I keep getting "can not read disk".

  45. Gayle says:

    First Bourne Ultimatum Combo on my 360 froze at Chapter 15. Returned it as defective. The replacement prompted an update from LIVE. The replacement takes forever to load and still freezes at chapter 15.

    Any ideas??

  46. Chip Rogers says:

    Getting a unreadable disc error on my new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix combo disc.  Works fine on the DVD side, but the HD DVD side doesn’t work at all… no prompt for update or anything…

  47. Matt says:

    Bought Transformers and Bourne Ultimatium and keep on getting "cannot read disk" when playing Transformers, after a number of attempts it finally works, then try Bourne and that too errors. Have tried installing updates, deleting the memory but to no avail.

    Any ideas, am getting increasingly frustrated!?

  48. Collin Armstrong says:

    I too am receiving the "can not read disk" error with the 5-disc BLADE RUNNER set – as well as THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM.

  49. Andy-Pennell says:

    Folks who get “Can’t read disc” in recent posts: try cleaning the inner areas of the disc, then try another disc, and if that fails get a new drive. This is a disc or hardware issue, not a software one.

  50. Gustavo Valdes says:

    So, I got the HD DVD player for Christmas and right after putting King Kong it downloaded the required update.  An hour through the movie it stopped and after several troubleshooting attemps I got to a point where the add-on wouldn’t be recognized by the xbox anymore. Went back to the store, exchanged the add-on and King Kong plays fine now. However, I tried another HD movie (The Phantom of the Opera) and it simply won’t recognize the disk.  I went back to the store and tried the movie in one of their Toshiba’s HD player on display and it works fine there. Any thoughts?  I’ve tried downloading again the latest update for the HD add-on, and deleting all the file in its memory. I am thinking in trying it in a buddy’s xbox, to see if by any chance it’s my Xbox.  Does that sound reasonable?

  51. Luis says:

    The same here. ‘Can’t read disk error’ with "300", "Casablanca", "Apollo 13". Other discs works fine: "King Kong", "Blazing Saddles".

    At some point I’ve been able to watch all of them after trying several times inserting and ejecting the discs.

    I’m getting seriously frustrated!

  52. Andy-Pennell says:

    Gustavo: Yes, try your drive on another Xbox to narrow down where the problem is. Both of the discs you are using are some of the first HD DVDs, and have no known issues.

  53. Andy-Pennell says:

    Luis: get a replacement drive.

  54. Gustavo Valdes says:

    Hi, Andy,

    Thanks for your previous reply.  So, I tested the HD DVD add-on on a friend’s Xbox and I got the same results.  After installing the software, I tried to play The Phantom of the Opera with no luck.  Then, I tried with King Kong and it played just fine. For the record, my xbox was purchased at the end of 2006, and it doesn’t have the HDMI output, whereas his is a newer one purchased just recently (has the HDMI output).  So, I guess the problem is not tied to the xbox, its version or when it was manufactured.  

    Today, I’ll try with Shrek the Third, and see if it plays fine.  Other than that, I am pretty lost here.  Could it be that some movies will work in some players and won’t in others?  If you remember, I tested the movie in a Toshiba player at the store and it worked fine.  Would you blame it on the player or on the movie?

    Thanks for the help.

    – Gustavo

  55. Andy-Pennell says:

    Gustavo: I have to blame the drive or the disc, based on what you have said, though you haven’t told me exactly what message you get so I reserve the right to change my mind.

  56. Gustavo Valdes says:

    It’s the lovely "Can’t read disk" error message. You will think that by now I will now the exact text by heart ;)…

  57. Andy-Pennell says:

    Gustavo: its either the disc (specifically the bit nearest the center, with the "bar code" close to the hole) or your drive.

  58. Jurriaan says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just tried the Blade Runner Final Cut HD-DVD this Saturday and it asks me if it can run an update for this specific disc. If I do then it reverts to the "desktop" of the 360 with a message that it cannot connect to Live. If I don’t the movie plays fine (at least the first 10 minutes, I’m saving this one for a perfect evening ;). Are the intermittent Live issues at work here or is something else going on? Maybe the disc-specific update is not in place yet? I do not experience any other basic Live problems, logging on to Live is OK, I see my messenger buddies etc.

    Disc Origin: US

    Region of playback: EU/The Netherlands



  59. Andy-Pennell says:

    Jurriaan: the update is not specific to your disc: any HD DVD disc will cause the update to get downloaded. Suggest trying again, Live has had some issues recently.

  60. josh says:

    I’ve had problems with the combo format HD-DVDs. The DVD side plays fine, the HD side locks up about 45-60 mins into the film. I’ve had trouble with rentals like "Chuck & Larry" and with purchased copies like "Bean’s Holiday." Non-combo movies work fine. Transformers, Heroes, Casino… no problems. I know that Toshiba had to do some firmware updates to resolve some of these types of problems on a couple of their high end systems. Any chance that MS will to the same for the 360 Add-On?

  61. Minority says:


    I have just got a Xbox 360 HD DVD drive. play my "300" Combo HD DVD. worked fine initally until 1hr into the show it freezed up. I stop and restarted the xbox. and from them its not able to read the disc. I tested other HD DVD on the systems it works but just wont read my combo "300". is there a fix or my disc is dead?

    this is a wied problem.

  62. Andy-Pennell says:

    Minority: sounds like the disc, to verify try it in someone else’s HD DVD player (doesn’t have to be an Xbox).

  63. Andy-Pennell says:

    josh: there are no drive firmware updates for the Xbox and nor are there likely to be. Mail me a problem disc for verification.

  64. Peter Rohlfs says:


    Just read your Dec 27th post.

    As I said I exchanged it with Amazon, the 2nd disc has the same problem.

    If it helps, my system is an original 360 (the one that came with the original media remote included), the HD DVD was preordered (original batch) and I upgraded to the 120gb drive.



  65. Xbox Fried My Drive says:

    I find it funny that you say the update didn’t cause when you can search all over the internet and find many users who suddenly received non-stop "disc unreadable" messages. This thread has many people reporting that they’re putting brand new unplayed discs into the player and it’s not working. You also have people reproting they can play regular DVDs but not HD DVDs. What the hell did the update do to mess up the HDDVD decoding process????

  66. Andy-Pennell says:

    Fried: nothing. We have zero cases of the update bricking drives to my knowledge. If you think I am wrong, send me a drive in this state, and a disc it can’t play since the update. Send it to me at the MS corporate address.

  67. Eric says:

    Stopped in to see if anyone else had a similar issue as mine (Dec 15th post).  I’ll send you my drive and the Riddick disc as a test case.

  68. Steve Corn says:

    When I first got the HD DVD drive, I could not play "300" at all, it would sit there forever "reading disc" and show "invalid content" in the memory tab for the drive.  A couple months later, the last major update to the Xbox 360 UI came out, and I was suddenly able to play 300.  Last week, I bought a game from XBLA and it required a quick update.  300 stopped playing again.  All other HD DVDs are fine.  What’s going on here?


  69. Steve Corn says:

    hey Andy, any ideas on my post from Feb 4?


  70. Andy-Pennell says:

    Steve: no clue, except maybe the disc is a bit iffy, as its the only one you are having trouble with. If it says "invalid content" for the Memory tab on the drive then the drive is iffy, but that can’t be right else no other discs will work.

  71. Steve Corn says:

    i tried the disc on other HD DVD players and it works every time.  when the disc was working on my 360, it worked every time.  only when those little updates came on did it stop working…

  72. Steve Corn says:

    oh, and i got 3 copies of the movie, and they all behave the same…

  73. Andy-Pennell says:

    Well I guess that leaves your drive or your Xbox at fault. If the updates really did make a difference, then your Xbox may be dying. Try the drive and disc on someone else’s Xbox.

  74. Chris Herbert says:

    So with the demise of HD-DVD are we going to be getting any more updates anytime soon or is your department being closed?

  75. Andy-Pennell says:

    Chris: hang in there, I should have news for you on that front soon. No, we are not "closed".

  76. GregorySpeed says:

    I just got the player (along with King Kong) and Blade Runner 5-disk Complete Collector’s Edition to go with it:  

    Disk 1 of Blade Runner CCE won’t play/can’t read.  

    All other disks in the compilation work/play fine.  (Though some spin louder than others.)

    King Kong plays fine… but I hate that movie.

  77. Andy-Pennell says:

    Gregory: get disc 1 replaced.

  78. Jared says:

    I have tried two copies of "Relentless Enemies" with no luck.  The "Bourne Ultimatum" combo disc works fine.

  79. Andy-Pennell says:

    Jared: see above

  80. Jason Bierfeld says:

    Hey Andy,

    I am having similar issues to those described above with Combo discs.  I just got my Xbox HD DVD drive from  

    I played Superman Returns several times and even flipped it a few times to compare the regular DVD and the HD DVD versions.  Now that I have had the drive a few days Superman Returns will only work on rare occasion.  Maybe once out of 20 times of putting the disk in.  Same problem occurs with Knocked Up Combo as well.  Also none of my other combo discs work at all – these include…




    Do I need a new drive OR are all of these HD DVDs bad?


  81. Jason Bierfeld says:

    ADD’L INFO after more tests.

    If I unplug the USB cord while the xbox is off.  Then replug it in, I hear the drive start up then shut off.  If I pop in Blade Runner or Superman Returns only, I can play either disc once.  If I eject them, then I have to start over with both discs.  Neither will work past this "first time."

    Any ideas?  Does this mean definitely a dud drive?  Does microsoft still offer trade-ins if under warranty?



  82. Andy-Pennell says:

    Jason: get a replacement drive. While you can.

  83. Vicdemone2k says:

    Sup Andy,

    I just got my 360 hd dvd player and i watched the first 3 disks of Heroes but when i put in disk 4 i get a msg "Can’t play this content" and Status code: C667000A. the only option is then to press ok which takes me back to the dashboard. Do you have any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it?



  84. Andy-Pennell says:

    Vicdemone2k: sounds like you don’t have the latest player software. See the previous post on how to update it.

  85. Alex Wei says:

    Can not play Transformers HD DVD on Xbox 360 HD DVD player as a external USB drive on PC, there were no response when I try play it with CyberLink PowerDVD, others HD DVD disc can play fine, is there anyway to fix this problem? BTW,I don’t have Xbox 360.

    Thanks for you time and helpful, have a nice day!

  86. Andy-Pennell says:

    Alex: contact Cyberlink: using the drive on a PC is an unsupported scenario.

  87. JasonThompson says:

    I just purchased an Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive. Whenever I play King Kong in the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, the display looks fine for about 5 minutes or so, then the movie freezes and makes a loud static type noise. The only way for me to get the picture back is to restart my Xbox. The only buttons that will work once this takes place are the Power, and Eject. I cannot try to reset the device through the dashboard etc… Any ideas

  88. Andy-Pennell says:

    Jason: have you tried any other discs? Or the drive on another Xbox? Or another Xbox? Could be anything hardware-related, not a software issue.

  89. alex t says:

    ive played 300 and king kong fine.

    i got planet earth and the first dvd played fine after inserting/re-inserting a couple of times. the other dvds didnt play. went through 2 replacements and still wont play. same thing with blade runner.

    i’m ran the update from live and still no go.

  90. Andy-Pennell says:

    alex t: Assuming the same drive/discs on a different Xbox give the same problem, get a replacement drive. If it works ok on another Xbox, the news is not so good. This is a hardware issue, not a software one.

  91. Hydrocron says:

    I too am having issues with Blade Runner disk 1 of the 5 disk box set. I borrow a buddy’s set and no luck. Bought my own copy and no go on that and just got a netflix copy and no dice on that one. Most all of my other disks work fine and netflix rentals but last night a bunch started to act up. Do you think I need a new Drive or is the problem across the board with disk 1 of the 5 disk set of Blade Runner?

  92. Andy-Pennell says:

    Hydrocon: I’d return the disc for a replacement. I had trouble with some of the Blade Runner discs on my Toshiba A1 until I upgraded its firmware, but I am not aware of any issues with the Xbox and those discs.

  93. Bruce says:

    I’m having a lot of trouble with Battlestar Galactica discs – disc 1 has only lanched 2-3 times out of a dozen attempts on the Xbox 360, but works fine when the Xbox HD-DVD unit is attached to my PC. I haven’t tried the other discs more than once. The HD-DVD unit is only a month old.

    My Xbox 360 did the HD-DVD update before I got BSG, and I tried another HD-DVD (Apollo 13) which worked before, and still works…

    On the few occasions it has worked, I have tried accepting cookies, not accepting cookies, disabling the internet connection, clearing the HD-DVD cache (memory settings in the console blade). It seemed that it may be relevant to whether it worked if my 360 was connected to the net at all, but that doesn’t seem to be the key to whether or not the disc launches.

    Help would be much appreciated!


  94. Andy-Pennell says:

    Bruce: please be specific about what exactly happens (or does not) with the problem discs. I am not aware of any issues with BG.

  95. dudley says:

    Hi there,

    I started getting a lot of glitching, followed by freezes, and then the "problem with the license" message whilst watching HD DVD’s last week. Then yesterday the xbox would freeze even just navigating through the menus, or when signing in. If I unplugged the HD DVD drive it seemed to be fine again. So I brought the drive back to the store today and swapped if for a new one, got it home, set it up….and the exact same thing is happening.

    So the problem must actually be with the Xbox. Have you seen this before? Is the 360 in trouble?


  96. Andy-Pennell says:

    Dudley: It looks your Xbox is in trouble, yes.

  97. Martin says:

    Received American Gangster combo disc sd side plays fine in multizone player.

    However HD side just sits in black doesnt go to menu or show any sign of loading.

    Tried the washing the disk treatment, and removing saved files from the add on drive.

    Same result. Is it coz I’m trying to play on new zealand Xbox have one other combo disc I Am Legend but it works fine and have alll latest firmware updates.

  98. Andy-Pennell says:

    Martin: sounds like this is the only disc giving you trouble, so get a replacement disc.

  99. Alan says:

    I have had the worst luck with combo HD-DVDs. All of the non-combo hd dvds have worked fine. I got august rush, bourne ultimatum, oceans 13, and i am legend, all combo discs and all get the can’t read disc error on the 360 add-on. I have requested a replacement from amazon, and the replacement got the same error. Could it be the drive or is it just the combo format dvds? The sd side on the combo discs work fine.

  100. Alan says:

    All of the combo hd dvds I have bought from amazon haven’t worked with the exception of august rush. It works some of the time, but half the time I get a can’t read disc error. With I Am Legend, Bourne Ultimatum, and Oceans 13, I get the can’t read disc error. These have been this way the day I bought them. I sent back I am Legend for another copy from amazon and the new movie I got gives the same can’t read disc error. The other 7 or so hd dvds I have aren’t combo format and they work great and I haven’t had any problem with them. Any Suggestions?

  101. Andy-Pennell says:

    Alan: Get a new drive.

  102. Alan says:

    Does Microsoft have a replacement program for these drives? All of the local stores (best buy, walmart, circuit city, etc) don’t carry them anymore. Or do I need to look to ebay or amazon to get another one?

  103. Will Webb says:

    I finally got my 360 back from repair today due to "the ring of death", plugged in my new HD-DVD player that arrived while the 360 was away and lets say I was not impressed!

    I put my first HD-DVD in ("The fast and the furious tokyo drift") watched it with no problems.

    Turned the console off.  Came back a while later and decided to watch another HD-DVD ("the Holiday"), came up with an error stating that it could not read the disk.  I tried another disk ("Ocean’s Thirteen") came up with the same error.

    Now when I tried the original HD-DVD that comes up with the error too!

    I have restarted the console, removed the drive, tried installing the software again, EVERYTHING but it’s just not working!

    To be honest I am starting to get really fed up with this 🙁

    Does anyone have any idea’s other than "replace the drive", as it did (briefly) work…

  104. Andy-Pennell says:

    Alan: US warranty on the drive is I believe 90 days, and MS will replace them in that timeframe. Not sure for other countries. If its out of warranty then eBay is a good place to get a replacement. I bought a "backup" drive when the price dropped to $50, I regret not buying another when they went down to $30 frankly.

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