Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive: General Troubleshooting

I thought it might be useful to post about general troubleshooting on the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive. For issues with specific movies, see my other post, this one covers the more general case. (I use the term "title" which you can read as "movie", its a habit I have got into from working on this for the last few years and is hard to break - forgive me).

Can't read the disc

If this happens when you try to start the disc then it means critical data could not be read. Be sure to check the usb cable to the drive and its connections, and if you are using a different cable try swapping back the original to test with. To verify the connection try playing a DVD: if that doesn't work either then it must be a connection issue. If the DVD test works, try a different HD DVD. If that works then something is probably up with the disc, so try cleaning the disc. The Xbox player is pretty good at recovering from read errors once the movie starts, but read errors in critical areas of the disc used to start it up will cause this error.

Playback stops with an error code

If the movie starts up then dies with an error blade, note the error code (which is an 8-digit hex number). Try again and see if the problem is consistent. Error codes are caused by either bugs in the content on the disc, or by bugs in the player software itself. For player bugs, be sure you are running the latest version of the firmware (see below). Once you have confirmed you are running the latest player and the problem persists, then try searching the internet (or looking on the title-specific post that follows this one) for the error code and the title name which may lead you to a work-around. 

Playback Hangs on startup (on network titles)

If the player appears to hang with a black screen on startup (but pressing Display still works), and it is a network-aware title then you may have hit a problem with the downloaded content. If other discs work but this specific one does not, then this is likely the problem. First be sure you have the latest version of the player (see below). If the problem remains then you will need to delete the pstorage for that title (see below). What can happen is that the downloaded content can be corrupt or have a bug, and the player will automatically run the downloaded content in preference to that on the shiny disc. Deleting the pstorage works around the problem. 

Player Hangs after startup (or on non-network titles)

If everything seems to stop, press Display: if nothing appears then its a "hard hang" and the player has likely crashed: your only option is to reboot the Xbox. If Display works then it is a "soft hang": chapter skipping or pressing Menu may get you out of this state. The Xbox button then Y will exit to the dashboard if the title refuses to continue. Such issues are rare, and can be caused by a title bug or player bug. Be sure to be running the latest version of the player (see below). If the problem is reproducable I recommend searching the net for possible work-arounds, or report it to Microsoft. 

Network Issues

If you are having trouble accessing networked content on a title, first off make sure you are signed into Xbox Live before starting the disc. This ensures you have a working network connection, and is a requirement before using any network features on the Xbox player. Next ensure Networking is enabled in the player: run any HD DVD disc, press Display, navigate to Network Settings and make sure Enable Network Access is checked. Additionally many network titles check the connection right when the disc starts up, so if you are not connected at that point then the network features will remain disabled. Second, be sure you are running the latest version of the player (see below). If this is all true but you still cannot connect to the networked content, check the support site for the disc you are using (many of the network error dialogs will include an error code and a web address to check for more assistance). As a last resort you may need to delete the title's pstorage (see below). 

Make Sure You Are Running the Latest Version of the Player

The current version of the Xbox player software is 2.0.5127 (to see the version play any HD DVD, press Display then choose the ? icon). If you don't have the latest version then connect to Xbox Live and play an HD DVD disc to automatically update the player, or download the CD-R image and burn yourself an update disc. Note that player updates are separate and indepdent from Xbox Dashboard updates.

Deleting PStorage

Persistant storage (or pstorage) is 192M of flash memory in the Xbox HD DVD drive that is used to store files for titles. There is a common area, an area for each studio, and an area for each title. Titles and studios are preventing from accessing each others areas. (As you may guess, each "area" here is really a subdirectory). Things that titles commonly store in these areas are bookmarks you have made and network downloads. To manage pstorage you need to go to the Xbox dashboard, go to the System blade, select Memory, then select HD DVD Player. You will see a list of title areas, along with their size. If you are lucky you will see an actual movie name, and you can select it and delete its pstorage. However many titles right now will show up as "Unknown Title", so to delete one you will need to guess which is the one you want to delete. It so happens that the most recently created title area is usually the last one one in the list, so try deleting that, or choose one based on the size: if most are tiny but one is many megabytes, chances are good that the large one is the network download. If this trial-and-error method does not work then you may need to delete everything from pstorage, which you do by stopping at the "Storage Device" screen, navigating to the "HD DVD Player" item and pressing Y for Device Options, then "Delete All Content". This will wipe every title's pstorage, so be aware of that. (The fact that many show up as "Unknown Title" is a problem that is being worked on: as newer titles appear which label their areas correctly, this problem should lessen).

Comments (85)
  1. Ryan says:

    I’ll attempt to describe an issue that I was having so that people might be aware of it.

    When playing Halo 3, I was constantly having the ‘Select a storage device’ screen popup whlie playing. This happened pretty consistently, whether in singleplayer, multiplayer, or just the menu.

    I eventually found out that this was due to a faulty USB cable connecting to my HD-DVD player. It would constantly gain and lose connection to my 360, and this would confuse Halo 3, and even cause my 360 to crash quite often. Xbox Support claimed that this was due to a faulty 360, but I reproduced it on other systems, and confirmed that a different USB cable fixed the problem.

    Though my HD-DVD player isn’t even a month old yet, and my 360 is relatively new (Elite), support was not willing to send me a new USB cable. The main thing I am trying to say in this comment, is that a faulty USB cable (even the original one) can cause completely system instability, even when you aren’t using the HD-DVD drive at the time.

  2. Shadrick says:

    I had the same problem.  The 360 would lose track of the HD-DVD player and this cause issues with Halo 3 and the system in general.  I figured the same thing, that it was the cable so I changed the cable.  It was fine for a few days and now the same problem has arisen.  I need to call Microsoft and perhaps get a replacement.  Will they replace the drive itself?

  3. Paul says:

    I’ved had my player since the day it came out.  Everything has been great until today.  I recently watched Ocean’s 13 for the first time.  Movie played great…no problems.  When I turned on my 360 today….it freezes at the opening "Xbox 360" logo….won’t continue.  When I unplug the HD-DVD drive and re-started, the 360 workes fine. Any suggestions?  Obviously the 360 isn’t liking my HD-DVD player right now.



  4. Andy-Pennell says:

    Paul: what happens if you boot without the HD DVD drive, *then* plug it in?

  5. Deniz says:

    I also had my Microsoft USB cable go flaky on me.  I had just purchased a new USB keyboard and plugged it into the back of the HD-DVD drive and then later realized that I couldn’t use the keyboard or see the HD-DVD in my dashboard.  I tried a new USB cable and everything was fine.

    I figured it was just luck so I saved the Microsoft USB cable and decided to sync up my Harmony remote when my PC lost connection with the remote during the sync.  Microsoft’s 360 hardware quality (besides the super-durable controllers) has been disappointing, not to mention the DRM implementation for marketplace downloads.

  6. If you know what an error code means, it can be immensely helpful in diagnosing the problem with your

  7. Here I will try and document the various releases of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, in reverse chronological

  8. MikeS says:

    Just got my HD DVD and the Bourne series. Set everything up and inserted the first movie. No go, had to power off and back on, and restarted the setup process again. This time, I was able to get the movie to play for about 15 mins and then it all went to black. Jumped back to the dashboard and tried to restart the movie but it didn’t see the drive. Restarted again, same thing, movie played for 25mins then crashed. Restarted and went to the next movie, 20mins then crashed. This is getting old.

  9. Andy-Pennell says:

    Mike: please try the troubleshooting steps on this page, esp trying the drive on another Xbox.

  10. TheArsenal says:

    Hello,i couldn’t fine a place for general questions,i was wondering if the xbox 360 hd dvd drive can be used on a tv only,via usb or hdmi cable whithout an xbox 360, i do have a 360 elite,i was just wondering.


  11. Andy-Pennell says:

    TheArsenal: it needs an Xbox 360 and a display.

  12. Gordon Gray says:

    My HD DVD will only periodically play my brand new disks I got for Christmas.  The disks are clean and will eventually play (sometimes after sitting for several hours) but not always.  Turning off the 360 and turning it on does not help.  Cleaning the disk does not help.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  13. Andy-Pennell says:

    Gordon: see the last comment from me on the Movie Specific post, though as you don’t give the specific error I can’t be sure its the same issue.

  14. JohnnyMess says:

    My problem with the HD DVD is that a few titles Planet Earth and Chronos especially will start I see the FBI warning on both then NADA.  The screen goes blank. However, I do have other titles that work just fine. I thought it might be the discs but I am curious why they both get to the same place then cut out. From this point on…nothing works on the remote. Any one else have this problem?  Like some of the other posts, I have cleaned the discs.

  15. Andy-Pennell says:

    JohnnyMess: No idea, sorry. That’s not something I have ever seen myself or can find in our database.

  16. Kracked Jack says:

    Mmmmmm my 360 for some reason does not show my player under memory and i cant watch any movies

  17. Andy-Pennell says:

    Kracked: can you watch old fashioned DVDs on the add-on?

  18. Stephaney says:

    Hi, I just recently stumbled onto this board while searching for a problem that has occurred following the purchase and install of our 360’s HD DVD player.  We bought it after the price drop for $50, thinking it would be a good purchase since there are already so many titles on HD.  Things went great the first few nights, we watched several movies and then later played a few demos from XNA.  The next day we had the urge for a Halo3 bought… stuck the disc in the 360 and… it can’t read the disc.  We’ve tried several other games and NOTHING.  Sometimes a blade pops up with "if this is an HDDVD please place in HDDVD drive," others it just say unplayable disc in the bar at the bottom of the screen.  It still plays movies in the drive of course, and we can play demos, but my hub recently bought an HD projector so we could enjoy the full potential of the 360’s HD properties, and the only thing we can do is watch movies.  

    We’ve called Microsoft and they’ve sent us a box to send it back, but it sucks that we have to go without it for a whole week after spending so much money (we’ve bought SEVERAL HD DVD’s for pennies on the dollar).  We ARE on our 6th repair through microsoft so we MIGHT get expedited shipping, hopefully it won’t take so long.

    After all that rambling, I just want to know if there has been anything similar to this happening?  We updated as soon as we installed it, is there not a manual way to update the player?

  19. Andy-Pennell says:

    Stephaney: I’m sorry but I know close to nothing about DVD playback on the Xbox, and it looks like the built-in drive failed on you. Doesn’t seem HD DVD related to me.

  20. Richard says:

    Hi, i bought a hd dvd drive last week. i have bought some HDDVD movies, and all seem to pause at least 3 time during the movie. sometime fast forwarding unpauses it, other time i have to restart or skip chapter. as you can imagine this is quite annoying. i will download the latest software for it, do you think this will help? or do you think its the drive itself.

  21. Andy-Pennell says:

    Richard: sounds like its either the drive or your Xbox

  22. Kyle says:

    Andy, I was watching transformers on my hd dvd player just fine last night. I shut the console off half way through and went to bed. Tonight when I try to finish watching it all Im getting is the xbox 360 logo flashing on the screen. However I can hear the audio playing through my surround sound. I have tried unplugging all the cords from both the drive and the box with no luck. What is wrong??

  23. Andy-Pennell says:

    Kyle, I’m not qualified to help on general 360 hardware issues, sorry.

  24. Jack says:

    Found a new unit on sale today and couldn’t resist.  Got home, loaded the install CD, accepted the online update and…disappointment.  It tries for a minute or so but says King Kong is unreadable.  It won’t read regular DVDs either.  I’ve tried 3 different USB cords, but no dice.  Oh well…

  25. Omsr Aguirre says:

    My XBOX 360 HD DVD Drive was working great with all movies and three days ago it suddenly stopped playing HD movies it still plays regular dvds but whenever I put a HD movie the screen goes black and I have to shut down or it returns me to the dashboard. I looked everywhere and cannot find a fix. I already deleted the PStorage contents. Any ideas?

  26. Michael says:

    I do not get the bar that lets me select a hd dvd movie.  It is still the original 360 load disc bar.  I’ve tried reinstalling the software disc and nothing.

    One other intresting point.  I can see the hd dvd drive under memory.

  27. Andy-Pennell says:

    Jack/Omsir/Michael: looks like you need a replacement drive, assuming you have tried the steps above (esp using the original USB cable). If you are already on XBLive you don’t need the CD anyway.

    Omsr might want to try a different way of connecting the video if using DVI.

  28. Lee Gregan says:

    hi, i noticed on the back of the 360 HD drive there are what seems to be 2 HDMI ports, at the moment i’m playing the HD drive through the 360 via the usb connection. I’ve got a full speck HDtv, the screen indicates what resolution it is playing in, for instance the PS3 plays bluray at full 1920 1080p, i guess because it is connected by HDMI cable however the 360 HD drive plays at 1920 1080i. I know you can buy an xbox HDMI lead, i’m assuming this would bump it up to 1080p but what are the 2 HDMI ports on the back of the HD drive for ?

  29. Gordon says:

    So my HD-DVD drive has worked really well until this point.  I now receive no indication of the unit getting power, the converter part of the unit does however heat up.  The 360 also does not indicate the presence of the drive.  It just won’t turn on.

  30. Andy-Pennell says:

    Lee: those are USB ports, not HDMI ports. I use mine to plug in the IR blaster for "Scene It".

  31. Dale says:

    I want to thank everybody’s contribution. I was going nuts with the Halo 3 devise message and losing recognition of the XBox hd drive problem.

    I had an old usb cable lying around and all problems solved. Thanks again.

  32. Dave T says:


    A while back I go the ring of death, so I bought a new x-box, an elite. I used the old hard drive from my original xbox. I plugged my hd-dvd player into the elite. Today I went to try and watch a film and I got an update from microsoft. Now all I get when I try to play a film is sound and the white Xbox 360 screen. It’s like something is not working with the picture somehow but the logo is still displayed. I tried bourne identity and 300 but both produced the same problem. I even tried putting the new hard drive on the xbox and installing the software again, but it wouldn’t do it and I got the same problem. Anyone got any ideas? Sound but only the logo picture???

  33. Andy-Pennell says:

    Dave T: Sounds like your connection is DVI without HDCP. I’d mess with your video settings in the dashboard if I were you and try a different one (e.g. VGA or component).

  34. octavio says:

    I just bought a xbox 360 hd dvd player and i am having problems already. I play movies and 15 minutes through it it stops and goes to the dashboard screen where it says tary open or close, xbox live etc. what is wrong with the player? thank you

  35. Andy-Pennell says:

    octavio: is this every movie or just one? I assume you have the latest software installed on the Xbox and the drive. I know of no way for the player to exit to the dashboard without at least some kind of error blade, short of hardware failure.

  36. Octavio says:

    Actually it is only one. King Kong. This is the movie that came with the hd dvd player. Also, the king kong movie freezes. I just tried the movie Feast and it is working fine. Could it be that it is just the King Kong movie? Any idea what is the software i may need to avoid  problems with the hd dvd player? thank you.

  37. Andy-Pennell says:

    Otavio: See "Make sure you are running the latest version of the player" above. I have seen King Kong hang after doing jumps with PIP enabled, but other than that I don’t recall any issues with it.

  38. Ricko says:

    I am having an issue with my HD DVD player.  Movies play just fine, but every minute or so, the screen flutters and then returns to normal.  I have updated my player and tried changing resolutions, but I am not sure what the issue is.  Anyone have any suggestions?  

    Setup is as follows:

    Samsung HDTV Full HD

    Xbox 360 elite using HDMI

  39. Stephen says:


    My Hd Dvd drive will open and close, but that is it…. nothing else.  There are no red lights or anything like that, it’s almost as though it doesn’t exist.  Any thoughts???


  40. Andy-Pennell says:

    Stephen: Check the cable.

  41. orlando says:

    I have the same problem as stephen. it opens and closes but mothing else. under memory there is no hd dvd drive and my play bar only works for the main console. it does not have that 2 half circles it once had. any ideas. also i swapped out three cables and tried different usb ports and still nothing.

  42. Richard says:

    I’m having problems as well.  I have about 45 HD DVDs.  15 of them will not play.  They used to play and work, but they will no longer work.  It is driving me crazy.

  43. Richard says:

    A disc will work one minute, but it will no longer work later.  It’s extremely frustrating.

  44. Andy-Pennell says:

    Richard, if you want some help, please be more specific. "no longer work" isn’t helpful, there isn’t much I can suggest without more detail. By the sounds of your second post it sounds like flaky hardware: suggest buying another drive (e.g. at Fry’s for $40).

  45. RayOMan says:

    I have been playing season 6 of 24 dvds then 15 minutes through it it stops and goes to the dashboard screen.  

    I have downloaded the latest software updates for the player.  The problem seemed to be fixed last night and I was able to watch an entire episode of 24 before it stopped.  Today, it is stopping every 5-7 minutes.  

    Transformers locked up on me about 5-10 minutes into the movie today.

    I was able to watch Step Brothers but this was before I downloaded the dashboard update that changed the dashboard from the original Xbox 360 dashboard into the PS3/Wii dashboard (this sucks, btw).  I haven’t tried Step Brothers since.

    All of this stuff has been happening only in the last week or so since I downloaded the dashboard update.

  46. Andy-Pennell says:

    RayOMan: the dashboard update is entirely independent from the HD DVD software. I would suggest buying a back up drive just in case this is a hardware problem as they are so cheap right now.

  47. John says:

    I watched Corpse Bride today and the film played fine, no problems at all.  Immediately following, I watched Transformers for the first time.  When the disc loaded I had a message about content update and then a message about adding a cookie both of which I allowed.  When the film started, it periodically ‘cut out’ – the screen would go blank and it was almost as if the player was stopping and then starting again as the TV would show a picture aspect size message which is what it does when you switch a source on.  The film played all the way to the end, it just kept ‘cutting out’ all the way through.  Is there anything that could cause this?

  48. Andy-Pennell says:

    John: weird, maybe a loose cable? I can’t think of any software reason this might happen.

  49. Omega X says:

    I have an issue with HD Drive… When i put any movie u can hear the drive reading the movie then a grinding noise appears, then a message apears saying unreadable disc. But, before the grinding noise i pick up the HD Drive and wiggle it a little then it starts to play the movie just fine…. any suggestions?

  50. Andy-Pennell says:

    Omega X: buy another one while you can. Grinding noises are unquestionably hardware issues. Moving the drive while a disc is rotating in it is highly likely to break whatever is still working in that drive. Remember the sticker that was on the drive door when the drive was new? I guess not…

  51. r13nq89 says:

    i just bought an hd dvd drive yesterday…played king kong…worked fine…but now when i try to play games on my 360…my xbox doesn’t read any games…when i put in a game…it says: reading for a couple of seconds…then it goes back to OPEN TRAY…………somebody PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  52. Andy-Pennell says:

    r13nq89: Call Xbox support.

  53. gregery stilwell says:

    I have a xbox 360.  i can play dvd’s but when i try to put a game in it it says playing dvd . and then goes to a screen where it says that if i want to play this game that i need to insert it into an x box 360 console . what’s up with this? what is wrong with my 360?  what do i need to do to fix it?

  54. Andy-Pennell says:

    gregery: Call Xbox support

  55. ctaylor52 says:

    I have had my drive since launch and have had no problems, but recently while watching movies the screen will flash for a split second and the audio will drop, but then after the split second drop of audio and screen flicker/flash it will resume and play fine.  This issue of split second audio and screen flash happens randomly around every ten minutes or so.  Any ideas?

  56. Andy-Pennell says:

    ctaylor: which title(s) do this? Are they H264 video per chance?

  57. Milez says:

    Please could you tell me if xbox 360 games work on  

    a HD DVD drive that is in my xbox I bought thanks

  58. Dave says:

    I have the same problem when playing hd dvd Transformers, with momentary picture loss and audio, it returns after a second and the aspect ration on the tv flashes up, happens randomly throughout the movie.

    Im using a Panasonic htx42px80b and the onkyo htx 22hd dound system.

    Is this problem linked to the picture options in the xbox elite menu?

    Driving me crazy!

  59. ctaylor52 says:

    It was on Transformers and The Rundown.  However, I have watched both of these many times previously uninterrupted.

  60. Andy-Pennell says:

    ctaylor: has the problem started occurring after the NXE dashboard update?

    ctaylor & dave: Try connecting a different way (e.g. HDMI or VGA or Component) to see if that changes things.

  61. Courtenay says:

    I have the exact issu, and I mean exact problem as ctaylor and Dave.  Could this be due to the NKE update?

  62. Jim says:

    I have 2 Xbox HD-DVD drives, and there definitely is something that has happened after the updates, as several movies have the loss of picture momentarily, but continues to play until the end. This NEVER happened until right after the NXE update. Both 360’s have HDMI hookup. Did try with composite on older TV and it works flawlessly. I do believe this is an HDMI handshake issue of some kind, but I am definitely no expert on this. It is frustrating because the hardware works fine, has to be software/firmware or something of the sort. Hope this helps. It happens on Top Gun, The Shooter, and I know a number of others. The loss of picture is for only a few seconds. I however do not lose audio at all, only video.

  63. Courtenay says:

    Thanks Jim,

    I’ll try switching to component cables.

  64. wavelet says:

    Hi Andy. I am having the same problem as ctaylor52, dave, courtenay, and Jim: the video and audio blanks-out intermittently for a split second, then returns to normal. The phenomena is not deterministic (it does not always occur at the same timecode in the video). The video in question is Transformers (HD-DVD).

    The problem occurs on my home system. The Xbox 360 (Arcade, without hard-drive) is connected to a Samsung HDTV via HDMI. I took the HD-DVD drive to my cousin’s house, and Transformers played all the way through without any glitches. However, his Xbox 360 (Pro, with hard-drive) was connected to his Viewsonic HDTV via component cable.

    As an experiment, we changed his connection from component to HDMI. When we did this, the video glitching returned.

    This (limited) data points to a problem involving HDMI. I did not have the HD-DVD drive prior to the NXE dashboard, so I have no point of reference with the original dashboard firmware.

    Lastly, the heads-up display on the Transformers HD-DVD does not play properly. The text factoids which appear at the bottom of the screen render properly, but the video commentary in the bottom right-hand corner does not appear (although the top and bottom borders are visible). I can suggest three possibilities: the video isn’t getting rendered at all, it’s getting rendered on the wrong layer, or the opacity of the video is set to zero.

    I’m most interested in a solution to the video glitching problem that does not involve a regression to component cables (which I don’t even own).

  65. Tom says:

    There is a problem with the latest HD-DVD player software, NXE, and HDMI output. It seems Paramount movies are mainly affected: I’ve seen it happen on Beowulf and Transformers. Basically, like people have described above, the HDMI connection to the TV is lost for 1-2 seconds randomly throughout these movies… every 15-20 minutes or so.

    I have not noticed this on Universal HD-DVDs. Component connection also works fine.

    It would be nice if Microsoft could fix this bug.

  66. Dewey says:

    Has any one found a solution to this issue? I picked up an 360 HD Dvd drive just to watch this movie because of the current low cost of both the player and the movie.

    There is a fix on lockergnome in regards to this movie and knocked up in that there is no video play back for the two movies. I understand this is not the same issue but I’m wondering if it could fix the issue.

      1. Go to the System


      2. Scroll down and select Memory

      3. Scroll down and Select HD Player ( do NOT select Hard Drive)

      4. Here you will find the cookies from the HD DVD player, you will need to delete one that is 11mb but if you do not see that then delete all of the cookies, that is what I had to do

      5. So DELETE all of the cookies unless you have found the 11mb cookie then delete that one

      6. Try the disk again and if it comes up to a loading screen you have done it! Your movie will work now

    This will take several minutes to load so please do not hit cancel because that will take you back to square one. So there you go have fun watching your new movie and hopefully there will be a permanent fix so that this issue doesn’t happen again.

  67. Andy-Pennell says:

    Dewey: I seriously doubt the issues are related. HDMI+NXE output should not be effected by any pstorage content.

  68. Tom says:

    I wonder if Microsoft engineering is even aware of this issue… I doubt that they spend much, if any, of their resources on HD-DVD anymore. Talking to tech support is a complete waste of time, as usual.

    But yeah, it seems like there is something about Paramount movies that causes intermittent dropouts while using the HDDVD player + NXE + HDMI…

    Clearing memory does not help.

  69. Andy-Pennell says:

    Tom: I believe the issue is H.264 movies, which Paramount have a lot of.

  70. Kelly says:

    It sounds like im having a similar problem to some people on here except when my video cuts out my audio keeps playing. then after a few seconds the video comes back.

    also: I’m running it through a receiver with HDMI 1080p with NXE

    transformers has definitely caused this problem and also payback

  71. Kris T says:

    Wonder if anyone else has had this problem…..  I bought myself a HD DVD drive for my xbox pro off ebay. Was very excited when it turned up with everything and still boxed.. remote… cd for updating the software.. so installed it, plugged it all in…   and nothing….  I put a disc in the drive and nothing happens… I press ‘source’ on the remote…  nothing. I can’t see anything in the dashboard to select the HD DVD drive. COuld this be a faulty cable, or did I buy a knackered drive? Have e-mailed xbox support last week….  still waiting on a reply :S


  72. Tom says:

    Tested some more discs:

    Mission Impossible III: Paramount and VC-1 Codec plays totally fine.

    Babel, Transformers, Beowulf: Paramount and H.264 Codec play with multiple green screen cut outs per movie.

    Scary Movie 4: Believe this is also H.264 but not a Paramount film and plays fine.

    Black XMas: Also believe this is H.264 and not Paramount… only had one minor green screen cut out.

    All other known VC-1 codec movies that I’ve played have no problems.

    But, it seems like some non-Paramount H.264 movies also play fine. And, MI:3, which is VC-1 and Paramount also plays fine.  So it seems that the output of the H.264 encoder that Paramount was using does not agree with the XBOX 360 and NXE…


  73. Andy-Pennell says:

    Kris: if your Xbox has the NXE dashboard then you have bad hardware. The HD DVD stuff is well hidden in NXE, its on the far right of "My Xbox". If you don’t have the NXE dash then you might need a dashboard upgrade.

  74. KABar says:

    I’m having this same issue with the momentary source drop on Beowulf and Transformers… I just tried a bunch of different HDMI and USB cables, plugging the HDMI’s into different sources on my TV and USB into different ports on the 360 with no success before checking online.

    Does anyone know who we can contact about this problem?  It’s definitely something to do with NXE, both of these HD-DVDs played flawlessly before it came out.

    Please don’t make me resort to sending Major Nelson a Live Message. ;p

  75. Andy-Pennell says:

    KABar: switch to component video, the problem should go away, it appears to be HDMI only.

  76. OldDougieB says:

    I have a HD-DVD drive for my 360 which has been working fine up until Sat 20th. Drive will not switch on. Have checked power cable and there is

    power going to the drive but no response from drive. Was used Fri 19th to watch Battlestar Galactica Final Season DVD and when I went to use it on Sat to watch The frightners, nothing.

    Any ideas or is this par for the course and a new drive needed.

  77. Andy-Pennell says:

    OldDougieB: try plugging it into a PC to see if there is any life left in it. At least it went out on a high with BSG.

  78. asmodeus says:

    My HDDVD drive was working fine, and now all of sudden and just stop showing up on my 360, the lights are on the drive makes noise and lights flash when there is a dvd in, but nothing on my 360, I even tried a different, USB Cable

  79. Andy-Pennell says:

    asmodeus: see the answer to OldDougieB above.

  80. TheRookieGB says:

    Any news on the Transformers/HDMI jumpy issue? Just watched it with probably 10 errors. Plays all the way through.

    Not changing to Component as HDMI 1080p is far better and sharper.

    I know MS don’t support the HDDVD any more but surely a 10 min fix and a quick update from them would not harm the millions of HDDVD lovers out there still.

    If this isn’t fixed I may have to look for a cheap stand alone player on ebay!

    Any one have a list of dodgy Paramount HDDVDs so that I don’t waste money getting them?

  81. Andy-Pennell says:

    TheRookieGB: Sorry there is nothing I can tell you about this issue.

  82. Andy Pennell says:

    The link to get the CD-R update can now be found on this page:…/927345

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