Xbox 360 HD DVD Update Now Available

[Player version list now moved to separate post]

As of 2am this morning, the latest software for the Xbox HD DVD player is now available via Xbox Live (and will be posted on in due course). The three teams involved (HD DVD, Xbox and the Codec folks) have all been hard at work for the last six months or so to produce this important update. This is not to be confused with the Xbox Dashboard update that went live last week: that effected the dashboard itself, but the HD DVD player is not a part of that: it is a separate application that lives on the HD DVD drive. You can tell which version of the HD DVD player you have by running any title, getting the Player UI up and clicking on the ? button. This post refers to the 2.0.4629 release.

What's new? In summary superb Title Compatibility, Audio Improvements, and New Features. Plus a myriad of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The main area of Title Compatibility improvement as been Standard Content titles (aka CAT1 titles). The CAT1 engine can handle everything that is thrown at it now, including all of the Discovery titles, the burn-at-home discs that the ULead and other tools create, and a particularly interesting forthcoming title I can't name, but should be called "CAT1 Torture Test Disc".

For Advanced Content titles (aka CAT2) the player is now the most spec-compliant player available, and has had some areas re-written for performance and specification-compatibility. Plus we had to make sure the Matrix Trilogy played perfectly of course!

A big improvement has happened for Dolby Audio. The original versions used DRC (dynamic range compression) on Dolby sources but this could produce muddy sound on occasion: the DRC defaults to off now, with a notable improvement in some titles. In addition the ability to re-encode all audio as DTS over S/PDIF was added, which further improves audio quality (assuming your receiver can handle DTS of course). My workmate Raj spent an inordinate amount of time on audio/video sync issues, the most famous being the hammer scene in Batman Begins. That, plus every other reported sync issue has been addressed with this update: critical measurements indicate we have a closer AV sync than another other player. (Raj never wants to watch Batman Begins ever again: I have the same feelings for Bourne Supremacy, as I worked on an AV sync issue for the CES 2006 HD DVD demo which featured that title).

Note that the issues with trouble reading a few Universal discs (like Children of Men and The Good Shepherd) has not been addressed by this software update: that was a manufacturing problem and if you have an effected disc you can get a free replacement.

There are two New Feature areas: the first is improved Network support. Soon you will see titles appearing that will start to show what is possible when your HD DVD player has access to additional content via its mandatory ethernet connection. Blood Diamond has been announced with networking features, something that the Blu-Ray version lacks (because of course Blu-Ray players cannot do networking, or picture-in-picture, or a bunch of other things). If you want to try these new features out, be sure to enable Network Support in the player first (and you'll need an Xbox Live connection) via the new button in the on-screen UI. The other new feature is asynchronous video playback. Hard to explain succinctly what this is (and even harder to implement!) but it will allow content authors to make even better content on HD DVD.

I have to confess that my personal participation in this release was minimal: I was working on something else that hasn't been announced yet. I am psyched for the team though: this is a truly great release.

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  1. TheBLAHBLAHBLAH says:

    Finally sounds like I can experience some great Dolby Digital sound with the excellent HD-DVD picture. Looking forward to watching HD-DVD movies again 🙂

  2. Jason Lambert says:

    Congrats to the team.  Nice to see this level of support for an add-on.  For 360/HD-DVD fans, this must be the most anticipated update of the year and so far, so good!

  3. pteittinen says:

    This all sounds great, Andy. In fact, I updated one of my HD DVD drives earlier today and checked the updated features out. I was disppointed (wait for it!) to find that my Pioneer amp does not decode WMA, though I was certain it would. Oh well. The update seems to work as promised; I was especially pleased with how the audio sounded with Night mode disabled.

    Some folks have already commented on various forums about the DTS output, and how it’s playing at a lower volume. Some say DTS output sounds muddy and inferior in quality… but it could also be that switching between higher and lower volume audio gives that impression of the lower volume track. What do you think?

    Nice of you to mention that "something else that hasn’t been announced yet". Sounds verrrry interesting indeed, especially if one consideres your job has something to do with HD DVD and iHD… 🙂

  4. Gersa says:

    You say that DTS firther improve audio quality, but many people report better quality with DD than with DTS on AVS Forum:

  5. xSBDx Element Gamertag says:

    Andy, please extend my congrats to the team on a job well done!!

    One question, so as of now I have it set to DTS…what shall I set the audio too on the actual movie settings within the movie….is it best to just leave it where its set or choose True HD, etc?  What I am getting at is, does this fix for DTS overide whatever I choose in the movie settings menu?  thanks in advance for your advise

  6. Andy-Pennell says:

    xSBDX : set it to whatever sounds best to you. In theory that would be, in order, TrueHD,DTS-HD,DD+,DTS,DD, but it’s not always that simple (depends on the bitrate, bit size, encode details etc). The new option re-encodes all audio as DTS instead of DD, which should improve AQ over S/PDIF.

  7. clau says:

    Andy, my XBox360 does not download the HD DVD software update automatically. I checked network connections, and verified that I was signed in. I popped a HD-DVD disc in the add-on, and it plays fine, but I can’t get it to update software. A week or so ago, the console software was updated automatically. The HD-DVD software versions is still the one that ends in 4113.

    Any idea when the update can be downloaded from onto a CD? Or is there anywhere else online where we can download the update? If you can give me some clue about what I may be doing wrong, that would be much appreciated.

  8. Andy-Pennell says:

    clau: I just tried the retail Xbox in my office and I had the same problem: no update. I quit to the dashboard again, re-inserted the disc and the update was offered to me. I suggest trying again a few times, and if problems persist then call Xbox Customer Support.

  9. Andy-Pennell says:

    FYI the official info is on Major Nelson’s web site

    I can’t find anything on about it: weird.

  10. Ian Shepherd says:

    Since this is specific to the drive, is it safe top assume it will also be available if you are using a normal X-Box ?

  11. Andy-Pennell says:

    Ian: Do you mean a Core 360? Yes, the player update will download and work on that, so long as you have an HD DVD drive.

  12. clau says:

    Hi Andy, I tried inserting the HD DVD’s several times. They all played, but no update was available. I am still stuck on version *.4113. I also tried to create a new gamertag, but XBox Live says that the sign up service is not available at this time. I guess I need to wait for the CD download files.

    I would have used Microsoft’s customer service, but my experience has not been positive. I had to return my HD-DVD add-on, and I called them several times. Every time was a torturous event, with numerous holds and reiterations of what was said. BTW, I returned the drive, and they lost it in their repair center. I had to make a lot more calls to finally get them to ship me a replacement unit, a month later. I wonder if the inability to download updates has anything to do with the fact that this is a replacement add-on and not the original.

  13. carlos villa says:

    Hi Andy! , do you know when is the update gonna be post for download on

  14. Andy-Pennell says:

    If Live is flakey, which it is sometimes, then you may not be prompted for the update. I have no idea when it will be made available on CD from, sorry. The Support section of seems incredibly lame: I can’t find the HD DVD drive on it anywhere.

  15. clau says:

    If the CD download is available, it should be here:

    BTW, the XBox 360 customer service is quite clueless when it comes to the HD-DVD add-on. They have not dealt with it much. There is also no selection on the voice menu for help on the add-on; it is not recognized as an accessory to the XBox 360.

  16. clau says:

    Hi Andy, any idea when the CD update download for the HD add-on is available? I still can’t get XBox Live to provide me the update. Very frustrating.

  17. clau says:

    Hi Andy, do you know if the update is applied to the HD-DVD add-on, or to the console? Thanks.

  18. Andy-Pennell says:

    The HD DVD update is now available on to burn to a CD if you don’t have Live access –

  19. Andy-Pennell says:

    clau: this update is for the HD DVD add-on. The console update is separate.

  20. Sweetmate says:

    Are you guys looking at the 2.0 channel problem? If Dolby Digital or DTS is selected in the new audio options, a 2 channel source on the hd-dvd is encoded as the front left and front right channels of a 5.1 bitstream, a deeply undesirable option as ht amps will output this from the from left and right channels instead of engaging a 2 channel mode such as DPLII. The player should transcode 5.1 -> 5.1 and 2.0 -> 2.0.

  21. Andy-Pennell says:

    Sweetmate: can you give a specific disc that does this (and also the type of your amp): I cannot see a bug on this in the database.

  22. Peter Reime says:

    I installed the update via a cd downloaded from and it said that it installed the HD DVD drive but I still don’t have the DTS option. What do I need to do?

  23. Sweetmate says:

    Any disc with 2 channel stereo on it (ie the extras of pretty much any disc in existence).

    Discs I’ve noticed it on The Departed, Children of Men, Batman Begins.

    My amp is an upgraded Denon AVR-5800 but it doesnt make a difference, the 360 is ouputting a 5.1 DD or DTS signal all the time regardless of the format on the disc.

  24. Andy-Pennell says:

    Peter Reime: you need to look in the right place for the DTS option, ie NOT in the Dashboard, but in the HD DVD player Audio Options page (via the Display button)

  25. gozer says:

    The matrix trilogy does not play perfect in the least.  Read forums there are loads of users reporting issues.

  26. Andy-Pennell says:

    gozer: we are not aware of any issues with the Matrix discs under the latest software version. If you have some actual concrete information, please point me to it.

  27. Gilo says:

    Andy: I installed the update and while I was watching "The Hulk" HD-DVD movie, the screen got frozen and after turning off and on my console, I got the three red lighs on the ring. Afterwards, my premium console didn’t initiate or just got frozen on the initial Xbox 360 logo. I let my console with the 3 red lights flashing during 5 minutes or so, and it after turning on again, it did initiate correctly. Needless to say my console was functioning perfectly bofore I installed the may update. Any idea?

  28. Andy-Pennell says:

    Gilo: Sorry no idea on hardware issues, try the Xbox support forums.

  29. Andy-Pennell says:

    Sweetmate: Got Test to look into the audio issue you reported, and this behavior is by design.

  30. Sweetmate says:

    Andy: Extremely bad design then. Transcoding 2 Channel stereo as the Front Left and Front Right channels (with empty centre, rear left and rear right) of a 5.1 Dolby Digital signal is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It sounds utterly awful during in movie experience segments too, in the middle of a 5.1 scene with dialogue firmly locked to the centre channel, the pip shows up and the person speaking starts booming out of the front left and front right channels, extremely distracting.

    If you don’t want to switch the audio output to digital stereo when the source is 2 channel stereo, then you should at least apply a PLII matrix within the 360 sound decode to make some sense of the sound before the final encode and output.

    I guess it’s not too late to take the HD DVD add-on back to the store and buy a ps3, if that’s the kind of design choices the HD DVD group are going to take…

  31. Andy-Pennell says:

    Sweetmate: Please give me a specific title and track, and I’ll borrow the disc from our library and try it out myself. You seem to be the first person on the planet to report this, so I am anxious to try a repro myself.

  32. Sweetmate says:

    Andy, pop in Batman Begins from Warner. Play the movie with DD Plus 5.1 or TrueHD 5.1 selected on the disc, and Dolby Digital or DTS selected in the 360’s "Digital Audio" setting. A Home theatre amp connected over optical will display Dolby Digital or DTS Surround on its display and playback the film in perfect transcoded 5.1.

    Now go into the disc’s menu, choose special features and start one of the extras (any will do they are all 2.0). The bitstream will not change, the amp will remain in DD or DTS 5.1 mode, and the audio dialogue will playback from the front left and front right channels (instead of the centre). Sounds horrid. Would be like playing back a 2.0 Dolby Stereo Surround movie with the amp set to plain stereo (ie just L and R).

    At this point, change the Digital Audio setting  in the 360’s hd dvd software to "Digital Stereo". Your amp should now engage a 2-channel matrix mode such as Dolby Pro Logic II or DTS Neo (or Pro Logic 1 if its really old or Logic 7 if its fairly esoteric!), that same dialogue will now be coming from the center channel, and the rest of the mix will come from the fronts, center and rears and sound much much better.

    My workaround is to do just that, manually change to Digital Stereo whenever I watch something that isn’t 5.1, but this is an ugly workaround to a problem which shouldn’t exist. And when it comes to the "in-movie experience", or "U-Control", this workaround cannot be used. Again try the Batman Begins disc to experience this whenever the picture in picture segments play. 5.1 of the movie fades down, the stereo of the supplemental comes out of the front left and front right.

    Haven’t tried mono yet, I will test out the mono tracks on Casablanca tomorrow and report back on those too.

  33. Andy-Pennell says:

    Sweetmate: now I begin to understand. I’ll borrow Batman and try the 360 and my A1 this week, but from your description this is what I would expect to happen. The player needs to mix the 5.1 main audio with the 2.0 sub audio, and unless told otherwise (by the code on the disc) the mix will be simple ie mix sub-left with main-left and sub-right with main-right. I think if the authors wanted what you want, they would have tagged the sub audio stream as 5.1 so it would mix as you desire.

    I’ll re-read the spec to see make sure I’m not spouting BS. I’ll also try and do some diagrams and post them ony my blog when time permits, to try and make audio mixing a little clearer.

  34. Sweetmate says:

    Ok thanks andy, but what you have said applies solely to the in movie experience stuff (ie how to mix the 2.0 of the supplement over the 5.1 of the movie).

    When it comes to just watching the extras, or a movie with just a 2 channel stereo surround or plain stereo or plain mono soundtrack, can we  have an option for the 360 software to switch to outputting "Digital Stereo" automatically, instead of having to manually do it ourselves every time?

  35. Andy-Pennell says:

    I tried Batman Begins last night and what you describe happens on the Toshiba player too, so it is by design. I tried a few Extras and got a plain stereo output, which didn’t seem to be a problem for me: I was much more annoyed by the double-letterboxing problem with the video, which I have blogged about previously.

    If the content authors want surround sound on those bits of content then they need to mark them as such on the disc: the players are conforming to the spec as I read it, and are playing the content as it is described.

  36. Sweetmate says:

    Ok reading your last few responses and your post about "double letterboxing" as you call it, its become apparent to me that you don’t seem to understand much about this field.

    Passing Dolby Digital bitstreams with < 5.1 channels from dvd players to HT amps via an optical or coaxial digital cable has worked perfectly since the start of dvd (thats about 9 years ago now). The fact that Toshiba standalone hd dvd players are unable to do this with hd dvd (according to you, i dont have the means to test this) is astonishing. Forcing every type of soundtrack into a 5.1 dolby digital bitstream is an incredibly sloppy piece of technology and a step backwards from dvd.

    The content authors can create 1.0 mono, 2.0 mono, 2.0 stereo, and 2.0 stereo surround content aswell as 5.1, you should provide the means for the end user’s audio hardware to decode that as is fitting for the source, and you should not dictate and enforce a very poor decoding choice for them. As I have said, if ANY DVD player can do it, why can’t you?

    As for your "double letterboxing", this material is SD 720×480 4:3 aspect ratio video. That is the format the supplemental material has been created in, within that, part of the material may be 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 letterboxed film. Unless the supplement is created in a 16:9 format, this is always how this footage will be seen. It is up to the content creator to produce solely 16:9 bonus material on their releases, the last dvds I recall seeing that did this were the LOTR EE dvds. It is nice to see HD DVDs such as Letters from Iwo Jima with 16:9 1080p or 1080i bonus material.

  37. Andy-Pennell says:

    For your original audio Q I consulted the experts on the team, as I haven’t written any audio code for the player (I do video and infrastructure mostly) plus I read the spec. My audio blog entry should go up today, which I hope will clarify things.

    The fact that no-one else on the planet has reported this problem leads me to believe you are hearing an issue that no-one else is bothered by. Given the ranting that occurs on AVSForum about just about any subject in this space, I guess no-one else minds.

    You must have misunderstood my letterboxing post: the content was originally 16:9, wrapped in a 4:3 picture (adding bars on the top & bottom), then displayed in the HD DVD 16:9 format (adding bars at the left and right). I don’t want bars on all sides when viewing 16:9 content on a 16:9 screen (the picture in the blog is of my old 4:3 screen which makes the problem even worse, getting double-height bars top and bottom).

  38. Gilo says:

    I had some troubles with the spring update. How does it uninstall from the HD-DVD driver?

  39. Luis says:

    When it will be avaiable to download the new update?

    My matrix disc didnt work


  40. Andy-Pennell says:

    Gilo: Please re-word your question, I don’t understand.

    Luis: The 4629 update is posted, the link to download it is in one of my earlier comments. 4634 is not posted AFAIK, you don’t need it for The Matrix.

  41. Bob says:

    For people using the xbox 360 HD DVD drive

    with a Vista PC, is this an update to the

    firmware on the drive itself? And if so

    would Vista users need to temporarily connect

    the drive to an actual xbox 360 to update it and

    then reattach the drive to their Vista PC?

  42. Andy-Pennell says:

    Bob: the update is purely for the Xbox player software. No drive firmware update is included. If there was then yes, you would need to connect it to an Xbox to update that.

  43. rap says:

    why cant the xbox 360 hddvd player resize a 2:35:1 movie into 16:9 like the toshiba hddvd player?

  44. Andy-Pennell says:

    rap: Huh? It can?? Please give me an example of a movie that does this, and which Toshiba player exactly so I can try it out.

  45. Gilo says:

    Could you uninstall any update of the Xbox 360 console or the HD-DVD driver?

  46. Andy-Pennell says:

    No, you can’t go "backwards" with updates.

  47. Monty says:

    I seem to only ever get sound out of the centre and front speakers.  Never anything out of either rear speakers.  What could I be doing wrong?

  48. Matt Davies says:

    I’m finding voices very quiet in 2.1 over the offical MS VGA cable.  Feeding straight into TV, no amp.  Voices seem very low compared to other sounds.  Often difficult to hear at normal play levels.

  49. Ben says:

    Any chance a future update will allow the audio to be encoded as ‘DTS 96/24’?  This would allow less compression and is supported over Toslink.

  50. Christin says:

    My Matrix HD-DVD’s will not play either.  What is the problem?  We have downloaded all of the updates.  

  51. Andy-Pennell says:

    Christin: please define "will not play either". There are no known issues with Matrix on Xbox.

  52. Dean says:

    I have an XBOX 360 HD DVD player hooked up to my PC.  I downloaded the firmware update to a DVD and CD-R.   When I insert either of the discs into the HD DVD player I can’t get the firmware update to work.  From what I have read it is supposed to start automatically.  I do not own the XBox console.  Any suggestions?


  53. Andy-Pennell says:

    Dean: the update is for the Xbox PLAYER software, which you are not using anyway. It is not a DRIVE firmware update.

  54. RBMan says:

    Does anyone know if the HD-DVD Drive will read HD created DVDs from applications like Pinnacle studio 11?

  55. Andy-Pennell says:

    RBMan: Yes, it should read Pinnacle-created discs just fine. There was a problem when it first came out but fixed long ago.

  56. Dave P says:

    About a month ago Matt Davies asked a question about the sound mix over the VGA/Stereo cable with no HT amp, just plugged into the TV.  I too am getting this problem where there dialog on most DVD’s is much softer than the rest of the audio mix. It’s usually the music within a scene that is hammering the dialog track.  I purchased the XBOX as a Media Extender, and when I play DVD’s on the Media Center PC, I don’t get this audio problem.  What’s going on with the stereo output of the XBOX?

  57. Andy-Pennell says:

    Sorry Dave P, I’ve never played a DVD on my Xbox nor am I remotely familiar with the code in that player. Try AVSForum.

  58. David M. says:

    I think I posted this to another of your blogs, but the "300" combo disc is still very problematic. Downloaded all updates, removed memory from system blade…the disc still hangs up on "reading" screen many times.

  59. Andy-Pennell says:

    Stuck at "Reading" indicates physical problem with the disc, or the drive, or the cable connecting it. The HD DVD player software isn’t even launched until the dashboard has figured out which format the disc is in, which is what it is doing during "Reading".

  60. Kurt says:

    I have also been having problems with the matrix collection, reloaded in particular.  At random points during chaps 16-21 the movie will freeze up and usually after a few seconds I can hit play and it will resume a few seconds ahead of where it is.  The disc is brand new and perfectly clean.  The key here is that it was only during the aforementioned chapters and parts that froze were shown perfectly if I rewinded to them but then somewhere else it would freeze up.  Will this be fixed soon?

  61. Andy-Pennell says:

    Sorry Kurt, we have no known issues with the Matrix discs. Is this the US release or a European one?

  62. John Burns says:

    Just last week I had to return an Ultimate Matrix Box set to a store in Cambridge, MA. "Matrix Reloaded" would load once every 20 attempts. Most of the time, it fails with a "can’t read disc error." US release. I’m actually afraid to buy it again. I don’t know who can guarantee a safe pressing, and not every store will grant full refund. The issue is far from resolved, as of November.

  63. John Burns says:

    One thing about the audio on the HD-DVD drive. It is mostly spectacular. But someone has to fix the DTS situation. If the original source is Digital Plus, the DTS convert gives a loud, crisp delivery. If the source is DTS (typically a non-US release) the sound is incredible. If the source is True HD, the volume falls _far_ short of the Dolby and WMAPro levels. The impression given: that DTS is somehow "broken." Please rethink the conversion from TrueHD to DTS. Bump up the level a tad. People are not used to fiddling with audio during DTS features, and could become quite angry. Every advantage counts.

  64. Andy-Pennell says:

    John Burns: Exactly which audio option works best for folks depends an awful lot on the hardware combination in use. Some folks swear by one option, others claim the exact opposite is true for them. Audio decoding and re-encoding is done per the standards that the owning companies require, and that can produce different levels on different equipment unfortunately.

  65. Tone says:

    Hello Andy, I was wondering if you could help me please?  I am a very happy new HD-DVD user, and have about 20 titles now.  I have noticed that when the chapter changes, or you pause the Xbox360 and then resume playing, the frame rate takes about 4 seconds to even out, resulting in slightly jerky motion.  Do you have any ideas about this?

  66. Andy-Pennell says:

    Tone: yes, this is a known issue, but is not considered serious enough to address in a minor update. Version 4629 was the last major update, when we do the next one we will reconsider this issue. Thanks.

  67. Tone says:

    That would be fantastic Andy.  My LCD TV has an option for enhancing the frame rate, to make it smoother looking, and it really plays hell when the XBox does it’s slowdown thing!  I would pay to have you guys fix this issue! Thanks for taking the time to read my question.

  68. Mannydman says:

    I’m running into a consistent problem with HD discs from Warner Bros. (300, all 5 of the Harry Potter discs)  None of them will load, I’ve made returns and exchanges and not once have these discs loaded. I’m always given a disc cannot be read message. Is this a common problem with all WB discs? I have the latest dashboard update and the Nov. 6th HDDVD update. What are your suggestions?

  69. Andy-Pennell says:

    Mannydman: I’d check your hardware: the cable and the drive, on another Xbox. I suspect your drive is faulty. If you can I’d also test your discs on someone else’s Xbox drive.

  70. mannydman says:

    Andy, it appears that the drive is faulty, I attempted to run it on another xbox with no luck. I then attempted to run the discs in another 360 HD DVD drive, they ended up working. I purchased my drive in february of 07, is there anyway of replacing the drive without purchasing a new one?

  71. Andy-Pennell says:

    Mannydman: the drive is the vast majority of the cost of the device, and I know of no way of replacing "just" the drive, sorry. I do know that you can’t just take a PC HD DVD drive and stick it in there: that will not work. There have been some $129 specials on the add-on recently, maybe you’ll get some good luck with one of those.

  72. McKenzie says:

    Andy, there ARE known issues with the Matrix HD DVD’s.

    It almost sounds like your just ignoring them, 3 or 4 people here have commented on them, and I am now linking you to a problem thread about it.

    Please read the entire thread.

    I am personally having a problem with Reloaded. It will absolutely not load after 20+ attempts. It continues to give me the error "cannot read disk".

    I absolutely refuse to buy any Microsoft or HD-DVD product again if this cannot be fixed. I bought both the $160 Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on along with the $90 Ultimate Matrix Collection.

  73. Andy-Pennell says:

    To get on this Known Issue list we have to know what the issue is. As we have not reproed these Matrix issues in the office (on US discs), it does not qualify. If you have problems with one particular disc, I suggest you get a replacement from the manufacturer: manufacturers keep close track of returns but if you don’t return the disc they won’t realize if they have a problem. Microsoft have never released any software updates for any Matrix disc issue, for the reason stated above. There are over 200k Xbox add-ons in use and the overwhelming majority of customers are very happy. Please try a replacement disc and see if you become one.

  74. Matrix User says:

    Hi Andy,

    Not wanting to add fuel to the fire but….the problem with the Matrix box set is NOT the discs, I can attest to this because they all played perfectly fine before the latest update. Now however they do not.

    The disc has not changed, the software has.

    I have even tried with an alternative copy, sadly with the same results.

    Is there an official method of placing this on the faults list, if so I would be grateful if you could post the details.

    P.S. Regardless of the above however I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and will have a spectacular New Year!

  75. Andy-Pennell says:

    Matrix User: send me the disc and I’ll check it out. If its a bug, it gets on the list. Send it to Andy Pennell, MicrosoftCorp, One Microsoft Way, Redmond WA 98033. Before that though, what is the exact manner of the problem you are having?

  76. Matrix User says:

    Hi Andy,

    Actually I think I may be eating my words (in a round-about way) I have just tested with a UK bought HD-DVD addon drive and that appears to work fine?

    Perhaps the problem lies with a particular type of imported drive (mine is from Japan I believe) Im not sure if that is quite within your remit to investigate?

    As for the symptoms, they are similar if not exactly the same as have already been reported i.e. "Can’t read disc". The disc itself is in near perfect condition and the player does play other HD movies of varying origins The Thing (US), Batman Begins (UK), Good Fellas (UK), Forbidden Planet (US).

    I should mention that the special features (flip side) does play perfectly well, however while these are obviously not in HD I do not know whether they are on an HD disc, but I will check.

    Hope this helps and I’ll post some more info on hardware comparison as and when any new arises.

  77. Scott Gridley says:

    I am in agreement with ‘matrix user’ I have the ultimate matrix collection and i get the ‘cannot read disk’ come up, this is a European copy and i know its not the disk as i have tried the very same disc in my brothers 360 HD drive and it works perectly?! Will there be some sort of update for this would you know?


  78. Andy-Pennell says:

    Matrix User: every add-on is identical: same drive, same drive firmware version, regardless of when and where you bought it. There may be some hardware tolerances coming in to play to explain the difference in the two drives you tested.

  79. Jeeves says:


    My 360 HD DVD drive was working fine for all HD dvds, but when I finally installed a wireless network adapter and set up xbox live the HD DVD stopped playing HD dvds. It still works on regular DVDs, and the problem is both regarding new HD DVDs (ones that I have not played before) as well as on ones that used to work fine on my system. I read that a possible fix is to go through the System blade then go under Memory and check if there are any cookies in the HD DVD option but I do not even have an HD DVD option in my Memory tab.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  80. No Reloaded for Me says:

    I too cannot play Matrix: Reloaded from the Ultimate edition.  My HD drive is fully updated, all the other movies work, but Reloaded always gives me the "Can’t read disc" error (of course, I haven’t tried playing it more than 5 times, and I’m not about to load and unload it 20 times with my fingers crossed).  The disk failed right out of the box.

    Any chance of a replacement HD drive for this?

  81. Andy-Pennell says:

    Jeeves: get a replacement drive.

  82. Andy-Pennell says:

    No Reloaded: Sounds like you need a replacement disc, which is what it says at the top of my Movie Specific post.

  83. Kerry says:

    I hooked brand new HD-DVD player to 360 to find out that it needed the HD-DVD update. I downloaded it to 2 separate CD’s and it still won’t automatically download. It just reads that a mixed media disc is in the 360 drive. I tried to get help from Microsoft customer service which is the worst I’ve ever experienced. The CSR and her supervisor just kept saying to download again or pay for XBOX Live to get their DVD player to play DVD’s. Out of Sight and One of the Blade Runner discs plays fine. Is the download preloaded on any of the HD-DVD’s?

  84. Andy-Pennell says:

    Kerry: No, the image is not preloaded on any HD DVD. You really have that old a dashboard? Wow. What happened to the CD that came in the HD DVD box?

  85. Trevor Sullivan says:

    I just started getting the C667000A error, and I can't find a place to download the update for the HD DVD player? Where is the latest update?

  86. Andy-Pennell says:

    Trevor: no idea sorry, call Xbox Support. The final update was never published on CD, you have to get it from Xbox Live. You waited quite a while to get the update man…

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