Sonos: The Perfect Network Music Player?

I have posted a review of the Sonos network music player on my personal site. If you have any feedback or questions, please use this blog entry.

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  1. Jay Bazuzi says:

    A few notes:

    Windows Home Server (currently in development) is a great choice if you don’t currently have a NAS system to hold your music.  I’ve been Beta testing it since last fall, and it’s awesome!  Incidentally, it has Windows Media Connect built in, which may integrate nicely with the Sonos, but I haven’t explored that at all.

    If the Sonos has 2 Ethernet ports on the back, it actually contains a 3 port hub, not 2 ports.  One port is used by the Sonos itself.

  2. manz says:

    My house is being refurbished. Putting new CAT5 cables would not be a problem. I am not sure whether to go for Incognito system (Cambridge Audio) or to go for Sonos instead. Which one gives better sound and functionality? I would appreciate any views on this.

    Many thanks,

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