Time to change some American holidays I think

On July 4th the tradition is to have fireworks. However, as it is July in Seattle, it doesn't get nearly dark enough until 10pm. Try keeping young kids awake/entertained until then.

On October 31st the tradition is to traipse the streets dressed as someting fun in search of candy. However it is October, so it is dark by 5pm and damn cold, and no-one can see your costume under your thick jacket.

So America, here is my suggestion: Swap the dates over. Do Halloween on July 4th (light, warm, perfect for walking the streets in costume) and move Independence Day to Oct 31st (do the fireworks at 6pm then we can all go to bed).

In Britain of course our closest equivalent to July 4th is on November 5th: Guy Fawkes Night (though of course it celebrates the attempted destruction of the government, not the creation of one). This is celebrated with fireworks and by burning the human form on bonfires. Being November, its dark and cold, but its all over by 7pm. In my day nothing much happened for Halloween in Britain but I think that has changed in the 11 yrs since I left.

Comments (2)

  1. Jason says:

    And we need to add election day as a holiday.  It is the most importaint thing we do as Americans.

  2. Rob says:

    Over by 7pm?  It is like World War Three at 9pm. They brought in new laws to prevent firework sales until two weeks before Nov 5th … at least now we do not get large air bursts in September…

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