BBC America: Why Do You Hate Me So?

I'm sorry but I have to rant about BBC America's Guide Data that my Tivo uses. My TV enjoyment is determined entirely by how well or otherwise my TiVo works. In my seven years of using TiVo, only once has it not recorded something I wanted. However, in order for it to do its job well it needs accurate Guide Data.

BBC America's guide data (via DirectTV) is pretty poor on a good day but I have to live with it as some of the programming is so damn good.

  • I am used to programs having no description at all (e.g. Peep Show, Wire in the Blood, The Vice).
  • I am used to having the wrong descriptions and/or years (e.g. Season Pass for Eddie Izzard records him in Have I Got News For You about once a month, but he's never actually in it, Wire in the Blood does not actually have Hermione Norris in it any more, every episode of Murphy's Law has the same description).
  • I am used to not having the program id flag set accurately so it records the exact same episode multiple times (e.g. Peep Show, Goodness Gracious Me)

However, now they are really pissing me off with The Street. When I watched the first episode, it started on time but cut off the last X minutes (where X is unknown). I figured this was a one-off, until it did it again on the second episode. As they don't repeat the good stuff very much (but repeat the bad stuff almost infinitely) in neither case could I re-record a rerun to see what happened at the ends of these episodes. I adjusted my Season Pass to pad by 15 mins, which even BBC America should be unlikely to screw up.

Who is to blame? Who knows. DirecTV get the data from Tribune Data Services, but someone has to give it to them. Is it BBC America's fault? Does this happen with other PVR guide data too for this channel?

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