Making DVDs Kid-Proof

Our newer childrens' DVDs are not lasting long these days, so I was very pleased to discover D-Skins - a very thin plastic cover that you put over your DVDs (or CDs I guess) then forget about it. The skins stay put when you play the discs, making it much harder for your kids to trash them.

On one disc that was skipping the D-Skin had the miraculous effect of making the disc not skip any more.

Given all the money I have been giving to the Walt Disney Corp recently for DVDs I am glad to have found a way of making their products last a bit longer in my daughter's hands (quite literally).

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  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Interesting stuff.

    In my home, all CDs and DVDs are ripped (lossless) on to a file store. The physical media goes back in the jewel box, into a box, and into the shed.

    I don’t own a lot of DVDs, so I don’t bother backing them up. The pain of ripping the music is enough of a concern that I back them up on to an external hard disk which I keep in a closet at work. Protected from fire, theft, virus, and (worst of all) accidental deletion by yours truly.

    I don’t have to sort through discs that are spread all over the room, or go to a different part of the house to get what I want.

    As for cost, it looks like D-Skins are around $1 each. An external HD is less than $.50/gig. SO the prices are in the same ballpark.

  2. Steve Walden says:

    I’ve heard about these before. I had wondered if they really work well. Apparently they do.

    My brother has a grinder, which re-polishes the DVD. Still, this sounds like the better option, if you get the skin centered correctly.

  3. Vasta says:

    Why your design seems uncorrectly in Mozilla?

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