We want to cut Crashdump support : will you let us?

See Scott's blog for why we want to cut "classic" W2K crashdump from the VS2005 Whidbey debugger. If you agree or disagree, please use the Feedback section on his blog to say why.

I personally want to cut this too. Classic crashdumps are a bad file format, hard to read reliably, and (IMHO) seldom used now minidumps have taken over the world.

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  1. Adam says:

    Perhaps it is my imagination but i think i’ve already seen 3 to 4 blog posts on this.

  2. Andy Pennell says:

    Sorry Adam, but we wanted to maximize our coverage so that if there really are folks still using these, we can take their views into consideration for our decision. As a result you’ll see this same question on a bunch of our blogs.

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