The Da Vinci Code: Fantasy Movie Cast

Here my wife and I are in Mexico having a super-relaxing holiday, and we both just finished The Da Vinci Code, a truly awesome book. Over some find food we were discussing who should be in the inevitable movie, and here are our choices:

Langdon: George Clooney was a reasonable choice by us, but a better one is in the real movie, go to IMDB to see.

Sophie: Sophie Marceau (French, about the right age, and she was the first image that came to me when I started reading the book).

Sir Leigh Teabing: Ian McNeice, who is so good at playing upper-class Brits.

Captain Fache: Jean Reno (he is so perfect for this, French, sometimes a good character, sometimes not so, the ambiguity fits so well)

Bishop Aringarosa: Andy Garcia maybe?

Silas requires a certain physical presence, and apart from one the monks in Name of the Rose we couldn't think of anyone.

The manservant Remy needs to be French and have a small physical presence, but our knolwedge of French actors let us down on that.

Who do you think should be in the movie? At the time of writing only Langdon has been cast.

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  1. Scott Elkin says:

    I had a similar experience. I was in Costa Rica on my honeymoon, and my wife and I both were starting and finishing the book. At one excursion, 6 out of the 8 people at the table had read the book. We didn’t even bring the subject up, but the casting of the movie was discuessed.

    Here were my thoughts:

    Langdon: Should NOT be a BIG BIG name. The popularity of the book will sell the movie. I think Tom Hanks is a bad mistake. I don’t think George Clooney can come off as a professor who is top in his field. My favorite idea’s are Hugh Jackman or Brendan Frazier.

    Fache: Alfred Molina

    Sophie: I don’t remember the name. I know she is french and played a person named Sophie in another movie. Uggh, I realize that is no help.

  2. Jeff Parker says:

    You need to read Angels and Demons if you haven’t actually it is the prelude to Da Vinci Code. I think I liked it better than the Da Vinci Code.

    BTW you figured out the code on the book cover? Hint: remember how he broke the code by using a mirror.

  3. Jeff says:

    F. Murray Abraham as Silas, perhaps?

  4. I know this doesn’t answer the casting question, but a comment on the book: I liked it quite a bit when I finished reading it, despite the letdown last part. However, after googling around some, I found the book was much less researched than I had thought. So much so, that a year later, my lasting impression is that of disappointment.

  5. 下载 says:

    I had a similar experience. I was in Costa Rica on my honeymoon, and my wife and I both were starting and finishing the book. At one excursion, 6 out of the 8 people at the table had read the book. We didn’t even bring the subject up, but the casting of the movie was discuessed.

    Here were my thoughts:

  6. Dan Brown fan says:

    I think that Sam Neill should be in the movie. He was great in Jurassic Park.If Tom Hanks, also a great choice, should drop out, he would definately be the perfect option. He might also be good for playing Remy. He’s not obese, and I bet he could put on a French accent quite nicely. I think a good Jacques Sauniere would be played by Ian McKellen. He’s got the look, and he has a way with accents.

  7. Mark says:

    What about Tom Cruise as Robert Langdon? He can pull off the swimmer like body

  8. Laly says:

    It is official. Jean Reno will be Bezu Fache. I have read it on many websites.

  9. Satara says:

    I Agree in all your cast, but the part of Aringarosa Bishop, I tought that he would be a little more chubby, and older than Garcia, lets face it, an important bishop would never be skinny…

  10. Heather says:

    I think that Tom Hanks is a terrible choice for Robert Langdon. They have expressed the want for an all french cast to add follow the book, but have failed to do so with the main character. I just finished Angels and Demons and Tom Hanks looks nothing like the description. He lacks the look and the charisma that this character has been displayed as, and I am seriously contemplating not seeing the movie at all fo fear that he is going to ruin the image of this wonderfully written character.

  11. Travis says:

    Isn’t Sophie supposed to have blonde hair, and is a cryptologist, so she must be somewhat of a smart and cute, girl-next-door-type, woman. Sophie Marceau is a horrible choice. Why pick a bird brain? It won’t seem plausible.

  12. Geoff says:

    Julie Delpy as Sophie. It’s perfect.

  13. Finnish Da Vinci Code Fan says:

    Audrey Tautou is chosen for the role of Sophie Neveu.

  14. Finnish Da Vinci Code Fan says:


    Langdon: Tom Hanks

    Neveu: Audrey Tautou

    Fache: Jean Reno

    My suggestions

    Teabing: James Fox

    Aringarosa: Zeljko Ivanek

    Silas: Javier Bardem

    Saunière: Jean Rochefort

  15. Jason says:

    Julie Delpy would have been good since she’s a blonde already, but Audrey Tatou is going to be even better (especially if they keep her true to the book, as a blonde)

  16. rob says:

    i think the fat guy from, the last samurai, the fat british one, he should be teabing

  17. Abdel says:

    Sophie Marceau or Cecile de France should play Sophie Neveu. Robert Langdon played by Georges Clooney or the one who played Hulk.

    And then you have Jean Reno perfect for Bezu Fache.

    Leigh Teabing should be played by Ian McEllan. The police cast… I know one soap called Police Judiciaire, its a french soap. I’m sure that if the producers or the directors watch it, they will find wath they seek.

  18. ..::KIEREN::.. says:

    How about Vinni Jones (Lock Stock..) for Silas?

    Talk about a prescence!

    Definately Reno for Fache.

  19. Evan says:

    i absolutely loved this book and i hope the movie doesnt disssapoint me. Ill be pissed if they dont follow the book. cause if they dont it just wont be the same. I think this:

    SILAS- Jake Busey

    LANGDON- Definetly not Tom Hanks

    TEABING- King Theoden from the Lord of The Rings

    Other than that i’m not sure about anyone else. peace.

  20. pattyb says:

    i think tom hanks is a perfect choice for langdon…when i think of langdon’s eyes i see tom hanks…i agree that he has to do a few laps to get to robert’s physique…i have just finished angels and demons and i thought it was just as good as da vinci…dan needs to finish the new langdon book for us…then it will be the real deal…a robert langdon trilogy, just think of the boxed set of dvds with hours of bonus features…

  21. patty b says:

    oh and definitely king theoden…bernard hill? (its def bernard something)…theoden for teabing…silas should be totally unknown…and totally scary…lol…

  22. Matt says:

    I thought a great choice for Langdon would be Harrison Ford. I pictured him the whole way through. Much like the quest in that other movie he did as Indie. Maybe getting on a bit though?

  23. Gigi says:

    A younger Harrison Ford may have been good as Langdon. Tom Hanks – no way – too goofy! Langdon needs to have an understated sex appeal for the ladies but yet be intelligent, introspective and an athlete. How about Val Kilmer?

  24. patty b says:

    i would have gone for val kilmer…but i feel that he would take robert on a path of his own…and val’s sex appeal is not necessarialy understated…he’s hot!…harrison ford can play robert’s grandfather at this point…and young harrison ford was too sexy…i dont see robert langdon as making his female studens swoon in class…

  25. Fan from Finland says:

    If Audrey Tautou plays Sophie, the film must be excellent! She’s very talented actress! I loved the book when I read it, but when I found out that Audrey is gonna play Sophie, It made it even better! Great!

  26. Lesa says:

    Vincent D’Onofrio as Silas (he’s in Criminal Intent, the TV series and various bit parts in films) Him with albino colouring and pink contacts, perfect. He’s huge, brooding, slightly spooky…

  27. lara says:

    I think the guy who plays the Albino in Cold Mountain would be perfect as Silas. As for Langdon, I think Colin Firth would have been the perfect pick … aside from the fact that he’s English!

  28. Thermoboy says:


    ANYONE ? 😮

  29. manu says:

    i think shahruk khan be robert langdon

  30. moviebuff says:

    Langdon – Matt Damon

    Teabing – Jack Nicholson

    Saunière – Ian McKellen

    Sophie – Jodie Foster

  31. ihop4no1 says:

    While I like Harrison Ford as a choice, what about Robert Forster, the private dick in "Jackie Brown?" That’s who I had in mind while reading the book. Also, Jake Busey as Silas is pretty dead on and Jean Reno as Fache is perfect. Tom Hanks, though, is a definite miscast. Audrey Tatou should be good, but Julie Delphy would have been quite adept as well.

  32. Pippa G says:

    YES!!! ANTHONY HOPKINS MUST PLAY TEABING. Truly one of Britain’s finest actors. Can easily pull off this complex role. And… Tom Hanks will be fab as Langdon. Err. Matt Damon, seriously? I agree, Vibncent D’onofrio as Silas. Have you seen "The Cell"? Ron Howard is going to do justice to this fab book.

  33. mike I says:

    Teabing should be played by Billy Connoly.

  34. Jonny R says:

    I was looking for info on the movie and when i saw this it interested me. I did some thinking, hanks is an amzing actor, with notably great films (ignore the remake of ladykilers), but its true that many of his films have centered around him, Big, The Terminal, Castaway. Although hanks will give a great performance i too found it hard to see him as langdon in Brown’s novels. I have no idea how i pictured him, he is a truly orginal character, his job at harvard dosent even exist! He is hard to cast. But Anthony Hopkins HAS TO PLAY! Leigh teabing.

  35. Manoj says:

    Sophie Marceau: I had the same visualisation when reading the book, too bad she was not selected.

  36. rose marie says:

    What a major disapointment finding out that Tom Hanks has been cast to play Langdon totally ruins the adventure. Tom Hanks does not have the right stuff, all you ever notice

    is his big head and no sex appeal whatsoever. It was a great read but a disaster casting choice and just knowing how important this book was for many reasons they should have taken more consideration in picking the people to play this part for a movie which has got people thinking.

  37. anthony says:

    I’m disappointed with both choices for Sophie and Langdon…I was thinking someone a little less known for Langdon – the guy I kept picturing was William Peterson (Grissom from CSI), and Sophie Marceau for Sophie.

    Oh well, I’m sure Hanks will pull it off…there is no doubt he’s a fantastic actor…just need to get by my visuals from the book. Jean Reno seems perfect and it seems to be a consensus from evryone her a s well.

  38. stella says:

    I to am very disapponted with Tim Hanks I must admit that Harrison Ford was in my mind throughout the book but he is a little too old My vote would go with Russell Crowe

  39. Casey J says:

    My Suggestions:

    Langdon – Tom Hanks will be good (Harrison Ford as well, but he’s a bit older now).

    Sophie – Audrey Tatou is a good choice, I also pictured Sophie Marceau.

    Teabing – DEFINITELY Billy Connolly, he’s perfect!! Wild and eccentric in "Series of Unfortunate Events" and definite dark side in "Boondock Saints."

    Silas – Tough one, I like Paul Bettany, except that he’s not very big and he’s never played a dark role.

    Fache – Jean Reno is right on.

    Aringarosa – I think Stuart Wilson is a good choice ("Mask of Zorro").

  40. Vijay Ranjitsingh says:

    Cast for Da Vinci Code, well It’s Official Tom Hanks Is Langdon , Jean Reno Is Fache , Audrey Tautou Is Sophie, My Suggestion For Teabing Is Timothy Spall…Of Last Samurai.

  41. Vijay Ranjitsingh says:

    Silas- David Morse Will do an excellent job to play a cold villian who believes his purpose is just.

  42. Tia says:

    I must admit that i’m a little more thatn worried about the cast of TDVC. Tom Hanks?! I don’t know if he can pull off the look that i had in mind…and Audrey as Sophie?! i just can’t picture it! Ah well..well just have to wait and see…let’s hope that they don’t butcher it too bad,eh? 😉

  43. Draconian Devil says:

    Question: Where does it say that Robert Langon has to be sexy?  He is a nerd who has troubles in the relationship department.  If you’re looking for someone with an understated sex appeal, Hanks is the guy.  Nowhere does it say that Langdon has an althetic body, so I really don’t think it matters.  I think that Hanks’ charisma is prefect for Langdon, and his looks fit naturally to the role.  He is a great actor, and stop bashing the guy.  And By the way, Sophie has red hair (and green eyes), just like her brother.

  44. Raindrop says:

    Has anyone seen this Da Vinci Code wiki?  Its pretty cool.  It looks like one of the authors of a ‘behind the scenes’ ‘Code’ book has dumped all his content into a wiki so y’all can go and add your own thoughts to the site.  Cool idea.

  45. Johnny Redd says:

    Mary Magdalene tended to Jesus Christ in the position of a most favored deciple by washing his feet, tending to his sores, and in all probability did what was natural, tended to his intimate needs.  That he was a man in every other respect, we were to believe in the area of marriage this was denied for or by him.  The Kings and Queens of history have steadfastly maintained that they ruled by divine right.  This would make perfect sense if Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and had kids—–and these kids ruled nations.  I mean what uninformed religous person would not want an offspring of Christ to rule?  The Catholic church has been wrong on numerous things in the past, so why could they not still be wrong. Especially when in the past they have been so eager to execute anyone who attempted to prove they were wrong.

  46. I just got back from the world premiere of The Da Vinci Code in Hong Kong. You see the folks in Cannes are just now seeing the movie. It was a gala event set up by Carnet who created the Da Vinci Code Jewels, which play a central role in the movie.

  47. Roofdog says:

    The cast should have been..

    Langdon:  William Petersen (CSI) would have been perfect.

    Sophie: Kate Beckinsale or Rachel Weisz

    Teabing: Ian McKellan was a good choice

    Fache:  Jean Reno was made for this role

    Silas: Paul Bettany was a good choice

  48. Kevin M. Koop says:

    Here’s the deal.  Fact, the biblical "stories" can be interpreted in only two ways: 1.) as fact the way it happened, or 2.) as stories passed down and written later.  Since most of the New Testament grew from word of mouth and was written down later who is to say what is actually true.  There are many facts in the book and movie.  The problem is the facts are mixed with fictional story lines.  Christians who can’t open their minds to real possibilites such as most jewish men were to be married and Jesus was a jew it would stand to reason he was married.  Mary Magdelin was never a prostitute.  The Catholic Church created that story.  One must ask why?  The story of Jesus and her being married is also not a new thought,  I remember hearing of this theory when I attended Prep North Seminary High School, St. Louis, Missouri in the mid 1980’s.  

    The movie was OUTSTANDING.  The only people who didn’t like it are the people that are to ignorant to understand it.  It is a very thought provoking movie and book.  Thank GOD authors like Dan Brown exist.  He has done more than most of the "teachers" in this counrty by provoking thought in peoples minds.  

    While the Catholic Church seems to want to suppress this kind of thinking only because they may lose control or what power they have left, can’t imagine why?  I wouldn’t trust child molesters or those who protect them either.


  49. Matey says:

    Anyone with a brain please: The Bible was written by Divine Inspiration. The "Duh" Vinci Code was written by an idiot.

  50. Andy-Pennell says:

    Roofdog: Sorry to disagree, but Sophie really has to be French. While Kate & Rachel are very easy on the eye, French they are not. I still stick with my original choice for Sophie, but as I haven’t seen the movie yet I’m willing to be proved wrong on that.

  51. James Brestin says:

    Blasphemy!   The devil can’t come up with any new ideas – attempt to discredit The Biblical & Historical Jesus!  How Original!

    The De Vils Code attests that "The Dead Sea Scrolls" tell the truth about Jesus, Mary & Paul – and that The Scrolls say Jesus is not Divine.  The De Vils code people hope no one bothers to research that The Dead Sea Scrolls contain NO NEW TESTAMENT MATERIAL!  Therefore they don’t even speak about Jesus, Mary OR Paul.

  52. A Sinner says:

    Poor Vinci, he never ever thought that there will be some one who will break his code…lol…amzing way to make money and fame…people make money even by writing about faith with out practcing…it seems Vinci was from same town where Jesus lived and it seems Mr.Brown is from same town where Vinci lived and Vinci told everything to Mr.Brown what Vinci show what Jesus did and so he painted and told Mr.Brown…

    But who cares the teachings of the Bible…today we are more into finding out what Jesus never did then accepting the truth…and the truth is JESUS IS LORD THE RISEN CHRIST and only he teaches to FORGIVE YOUR ENEMY not anyone els if you know the books of other religion…

    We need faithe to accept Christ not dirty brains where devil rules…

    Jesus knew all these to happen and so before dying He said "FORGIVE THEM FATHER THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO"

    God Bless

  53. Jeff Reid says:

    We have created a website just for fiction readers who want to cast the movie. It’s called, and it’s "for the movie in your mind". We let our members (it’s free) select works they have read, choose favorite characters, and then plug current actors into the roles. All castings post on a common page for that book, and the consensus gradually bubbles to the top. Plus, there’ll be lots of comments and opinions, and eventually a "friends" function.

    We’re still in Beta (although you can get a sneak peek by signing up to test), and we’ll be going live around April. Until then, be thinking about the books you’d like to cast. You’ll be able to see who other people picked… but who will YOU cast?

    Jeff Reid

  54. Greg says:

    Realize this is a very old blog post, but I wanted to say that I agree, William Peterson of CSI would’ve made an outstanding Langdon, (nothing against Tom Hanks, who is a great actor, but Peterson just seems more suitable for the role).

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