Viewsonic V150p Airpanel Smart Display Review

A have posted a full review of the Viewsonic V150p Airpanel Smart Display on my web site and this is the place for any comments or feedback.

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  1. Jose says:


    Im planning in buying this product but Id like to know 1 thing. I have a wireless antenna and a modem for internet connection. Its a 802.11b. Would the airpanel work or do I have to do any installation (cd)? thank you

  2. Jose says:

    Hi its me again, I just saw that XP professional is needed. Why? What happens if I dont have it? Thank you

  3. Andy Pennell says:

    Jose, if I read your first post correctly I think you will be fine. The installation CD is optional, you can do without it if you are comfortable configuring an 802.11b client and adding user accounts to the Airpanel.

  4. Andy Pennell says:

    Jose, what OS do you have? It needs to support Remote Desktop, which rules out XP Home and Win9x, but rules in Windows 2000, XP Pro and Server 2003. I don’t remember if NT4 can do it, but you shouldn’t be using that any more.

  5. Jose says:

    Hi, I’ve got XP Home but I saw that the airpanel comes with a upgrade of Xp professional and another cd for sp1. So if I have Xp home, would this upgrade be sufficient in order for it to work? By the way, is the quality of the screen good? I mean is it as good as a normal TFT? Thank you.

  6. Vincent says:

    I’m about to go out-country, and I was thinking of taking my PC with me, purchasing this, and running Video (via an all-in-wonder card to take cable in) and DVD’s. You said not so good vith video… so, have you tried playing a dvd? whsat was the result? Thanks!

  7. Andy Pennell says:

    Forget viewing a DVD over it Vincent.

    Jose, I believe it does come with an XP Pro Upgrade CD, but I am in Mexico right now so cannot confirm.

    Screen quality is reasonable, but it cannot do ClearType when using it wireless.

  8. Shane says:

    Hello sorry for starting the post again but I was just wondering If i can sue this thing as a tablet (drawing, painting, photoshop and 3D work)?

  9. Andy-Pennell says:

    Shane, you could but it is far from ideal. The resolution is low, plus the screen is touch-sensitive so you can’t let your hand rest on the screen. The stylus is not pressure-sensitive either which might be a requirement too.

  10. joe says:

    i work in the IT industry…have had an airpanel for over a year and still cant figure out the setup

  11. jason says:

    When installed, does the viewsonic become the only way to access the host pc?  Meaning, I can I still   use the computer while sitting at it(when the viewsonic is not in use).  I would want the viewsonic to be an additional way to control the pc (that is in a different location), not the only way.  

  12. Andy-Pennell says:

    Jason: while using the Viewsonic the PC shows the "locked" screen. If you want to use the PC, just unlock it via ctrl-alt-del and the Viewsonic will disconnect. You can’t use both at once unless you are using a Server operating system, as those allow multiple TS  connections at the same time as the actual console.

    You can try this out without the hardware by running mstsc.exe (the Terminal Services client) from another PC.

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