I Need Exchange ActiveSync on my phone

The past few weeks of extreme busy-ness in Visual Studio land (details omitted) have clearly demonstrated the need for my phone to be able to connect to my corporate email, which of course is Exchange.

Microsoft Smartphones and the latest PocketPCs support Exchange ActiveSync, which syncs mail, calendar and contacts over GPRS in seamless fashion. However I'm not ready to switch to a Microsoft phone solution, for reasons I'll spare you.

I see the new Treo 650 supports Exchange ActiveSync and proudly proclaims it.

Hey, Sony Ericsson, and/or Symbian, get off your asses please. Work email is kind of important you know. Either give/sell me some software for my P800 so it can do this, or if you want me to buy the otherwise absolutely perfect P910, make that do it instead. I dont mind paying out $800 for your phone if you add this single feature. Hell I'll give you a grand. If you don't do it by the New Year (or at least announce it), I'll leave you for another. But I don't want to. Really.

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  1. EddieL says:

    A year and a half later, and the presence of these devices are still nil.

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