Halo 2: Will it impact Microsoft Productivity?

The "Official Xbox Magazine" says in the October issue that 8,000 Microsoft employees are participating in the Halo 2 beta, 14% of the entire company. That's an amazing number!

What does this mean for general Microsoft productivity right after November 9 when Halo 2 ships? Well I think there will be a lot of late nights spent with employees fighting the Covenant, and not a lot else. There will be some employees who will wait the few weeks for the discounted version to show up in the company store, but there will also be the super-keen who will be lined up outside local stores at midnight to get their full-price copies as soon as they can.

Xbox Live is disabled on the corporate network, but assuming it works like the original Halo, System Link games will work between conference rooms so long as they are on the same subnet. As many of the conference rooms sport nice big projectors, I predict the Master Chief's image will be burned into a few of those by late-November, and a few developers will have improved physiques gained by carrying Xboxes to and from work on a regular basis. However the extrordinary amount of pizzas consumed at the average frag-fest will probably have an adverse effect on most physiques.

My division has a milestone a couple of weeks before November 9, so we shouldn't be too effected by Halo. Here's hoping we don't slip, else we'll be in trouble...

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  1. My team’s next milestone is 10/29, giving us some comfortable buffer space before 11/9.

    All rumors that this timing was deliberate are, of course, COMPLETELY untrue 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. SDE says:

    Heh.. ZBB in middle of October so im good to go. Wonder if the 116 games are going to come back.

  4. Halo 2 is a good game, but microsoft standard’s shouldn’t slip because of it, or even gah, lost words

  5. Dr. Nick says:

    Your blog has been mentioned on the HBO front page.

    You should feel honored 🙂

  6. ^^^Ditto that. Thousands of Halo fans will be reading this shortly.

    w00t! First IGN poster! [face_rock_on]

  7. blah says:

    It’s not like microsoft productivity isnt already slacking. Good job though for the mention on HBO, it truly is an honor.

  8. mear_7 says:

    Ditto ditto that… Tell us how your lan goes after it comes out.


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