Roku HD1000 Review

Here is the place to discuss anything about my review of the Roku HD1000 HDTV media player.

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  1. Steve C says:

    Excellent review. I have the HD1000 and agree with all. Found your review actually trying to resolve playlist issues on the ROKU. It is indeed "overly fussy." But your details give me some hints and hopes. Thanks.

  2. Andy Pennell says:

    I have managed to get a bit of video working: I used DVDDecrypter on a DVD and CinemaSix did play the resulting VOB files, but the audio was instantly and massively out of sync with the picture. However the picture quality was staggeringly good, so it shows great promise.

    However if I try and play a file that the Roku doesnt like, I have to reboot the box to get it to work reliably afterwards (e.g. to display photos). This is the trick to playing VOBs: make sure you reboot right before (and maybe right after for good measure).

  3. Clay says:

    For music playback you should try the Mucic Jukebox located on the devlopers page of roku’s web site. I’ve had decent success with it. If you would like to reply, my email is

  4. Andy Pennell says:

    Thanks Clay, I might do that, though right now I am reasonably happy with the Music playback, its the Video I’d like a solution for.

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