My name is Andy Pennell, I am a dev lead in C#. I own the debugger and along with my team of eight developers we are responsible for the Visual Studio debugger as used by C++, C#, VB, Script and SQL.

Outside of work I love messing with audio/video stuff and my home network. I think everyone should have a domain controller at home.

I am an Englishman living in the USA. In my previous life I created Devpac for the Atari and Amiga, and much of HiSoft BASIC. I was the first PC programmer to work on what became Xara, still my favorite vector editing package.

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  1. Aspirer says:

    Let me be the first one to Welcome you to the Blog world Andy.

    "I think everyone should have a domain controller at home"

    I would love this, even if the domain controller is the workstation itself:))

    I like Xara too, whew now I will tell everybody proudly that I know who was the first programmer to work on Xara.

  2. Simon T says:

    Wow I remember using DevPac all those years ago and now Im still using your stuff.

    Hope you include some lifestyle stuff in your blog too and dont just be totally techie, as a Uk citizen still living in the UK (who narrowly missed out working in redmond) I’d love to hear about your perspective of life in the US from an English point of view.

    And yes I have a domain controller at home, and im down to 2 workstations, laptop and an iPaq.

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