DVDs in 1080i, from a network share: Nirvana

I have moved this posting regarding the beta 2.0 software for the Roku HD1000 to my personal web site at ControlAV. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Viewsonic V150p Airpanel Smart Display Review

A have posted a full review of the Viewsonic V150p Airpanel Smart Display on my web site and this is the place for any comments or feedback.


My Theory about HD Tivo problems: Turn off Suggestions

You may remember back in October when I kind of lost it about TiVo, as it was misbehaving badly. Well DirectTV replaced my hardware, though I still believe the core issue to be a software one. I re-entered all my Season Passes into the new box (I should be able to copy them to a…


I Need Exchange ActiveSync on my phone

The past few weeks of extreme busy-ness in Visual Studio land (details omitted) have clearly demonstrated the need for my phone to be able to connect to my corporate email, which of course is Exchange. Microsoft Smartphones and the latest PocketPCs support Exchange ActiveSync, which syncs mail, calendar and contacts over GPRS in seamless fashion….


Rant: TiVo seem to be losing it

I’ve been a happy and loyal TiVo customer for five years now, but events this week have caused me to wonder if they are losing it. On Monday my HDTivo started playing up, which is unusual for this normally pretty perfect Linux machine. When it hadnt fixed itself by Tuesday I hit the Tivo Community…


C# Edit and Continue is here!

Finally we have announced C# Edit and Continue, the 2nd most requested feature in all of VS (according to the Ladybug tool). The whole team across all the disciplines really pulled together to get it done. As a point of history you can read my original blog on the subject of why we were not…


Pointer to new debugger blog and Update

Mike Stall has a new blog which will be of interest to low-level folks wanting to know how the CLR debugging APIs really do their magic. These are the APIs that we (Visual Studio) use to debug managed code. You may have noticed the lack of blog content from my for a while. Sorry about…

Halo 2: Will it impact Microsoft Productivity?

The “Official Xbox Magazine” says in the October issue that 8,000 Microsoft employees are participating in the Halo 2 beta, 14% of the entire company. That’s an amazing number! What does this mean for general Microsoft productivity right after November 9 when Halo 2 ships? Well I think there will be a lot of late…


Windows XP SP2 and the Visual Studio Debugger

Oh what fun XP SP2 was for the debugger team! The firewall defaulting to On obviously completely broke Remote Debugging, and the DCOM changes broke it even more. Kept us busy for a long time. Well Gregg, mostly. The results are threefold: A new KB 841177 that links to and describes how to use: An HTA…


Magic Tricks with DLL Forwarders

Thought I would share a DLL trick we used in the VS 2003 debugger that illustrates how a DLL with no real code or data can be very useful, especially if your exe is pretending to be something it is not. VS 2003 has the ability to load windbg extension DLLs, though we only guarantee…