NDC London 2013

I just spent 3 enjoyable days at the NDC conference in London. NDC usually stands for Norwegian Developer Conference which happens every June in Oslo, Norway and which is a popular conference – I really hope that I can speak there next June! The organisers of that, NDC Conferences, decided to bring their show to…


Now easier than ever to developer unlock a handset to get started building apps for Windows Phone!

Great news reported in the latest Windows Phone Developer Blog post, Making it easier to get started with Windows Phone App Studio beta, simplified phone registration, support options & more payout markets. There you can read about a great new tool, Windows Phone App Studio, that can help people without coding skills to create a…


SQLite-WinRT: Database programming on Windows Phone and Windows 8

Today at TechEd North America in New Orleans, I am presenting a session on programming the SQLite database on Windows Phone 8. You can watch the video and download the slides from here: Support Your Demanding LOB Apps With SQLite and Windows Phone 8. The sample application I walked through is here: SqlitePhoneSample.zip The session…


PhoneGap devs–bring your app to Windows Phone and win!

From now until  June 30th, 2013, we are running a competition aimed at developers who have built PhoneGap apps and published in other stores – for example, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Blackberry World, Bada, Symbian, or Palm OS – to take any of their existing PhoneGap apps and port it to Windows Phone 8, like…


Live Apps: Creating Custom Tile and Lock Screen Images

One of the really great ways that apps in Windows Phone can connect with the user is by supporting Live Tiles – tiles that are more than just a quick launcher, but instead get updated with timely, specific information to connect the user with the data that’s important to them. As a developer, you can…


Async and Await for HTTP Networking, Part 2–HttpClient

In my previous post on this topic, Async and Await for Http Networking on Windows Phone, I described how you can use extension methods to create awaitable methods on the WebClient and HttpWebRequest APIs. Courtesy of Microsoft’s .NET Framework team, there have been more developments in this area – the creation of a portable implementation…


UK App Builders: Reward Program *One Day Special* and Bonus Rewards

Show us that you’re a game changer and collect points every step of the way to redeem rewards like a brand new Windows 8 RT Slate. Create the next app phenomenon by building your original and unique Windows Store and/or Windows Phone App. Get recognised and rewarded for building your original apps. Further, get bonus…


Async and Await for Http Networking on Windows Phone

Using async and await for executing long-running operations such as networking calls has many benefits: your code is much cleaner and easier to maintain, the result is automatically marshalled back to the originating thread so you don’t need to use Dispatcher.BeginInvoke to get back to the UI thread, and exception handling is simpler to implement….