Welcome to my new blog!

Hi, and welcome to the new home of my blog.

I started working for Microsoft as a technical evangelist a few weeks ago. In this blog, I will write on topics that will mostly be tips and techniques to help developers build apps for Windows Phone devices and Windows 8 tablets, slates and other mobile computers running Windows. Two weeks ago, we launched Windows 8 and last week we launched the Windows Phone 8 SDK – what an exciting time to be joining Microsoft!

Before this, I was a proud member of the MVP community for 10 years and I was a co-founder and partner of APPA Mundi, the UK-based mobile consultancy and training company. My old blog is still where I left it at http://community.appamundi.com/blogs/andywigley and there’s some good stuff on there. I may duplicate some of the most popular posts on here, but please go take a look at that blog as well for posts on .NET development on Windows Phone , Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile.

So, on with the show…

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