Popfly Shuting Down – Saving Projects Locally

Well I just finshed what will be the final update to Popfly, to place the shutdown notice on the front page. As John has blogged about on our team blog Popfly will go offline on 8/24.   If you do have projects on Popfly then you will lose access to them on 8/24 if you want to download…

Online Code Editors

The other day I was looking at Bespin, a new online code editor from Mozilla, all told it’s a pretty slick responsive code editor with classification (syntax coloring) for HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It really seems like the online code editor space is going to heat up a bit as people integrate which is great….


Embeding Games and Mashups in Live Spaces

For any of you who’ve used Popfly in the past you might of noticed that you could embed your games and mashups into Windows Live Spaces pages. Yet if you tried it today you’d be sadden to see the option has gone missing, d’oh our bad. While that bug waits to get fixed (it’s a…


Mashups & Politics

One of the blocks we recently added to Popfly is “Campaign Contributions”. As many of you know the 2008 Presidential race is on! As part of the race the FEC requires that all individuals who contribute $50 or more have to report it and subsequently they expose the contribution as public record. At Popfly we…