Flickr Addiction

This year I have gotten more and more addicted to Flickr.  Don’t know how it happened. I’ve tried several photo sites including msn-spaces as a way to share photos, but Flickr seems to be the best.  Photography is probably my #2 hobby behind golf (and when I golf – I take pictures, so it doesn’t get…


Seattle will win

Need to post an entry about the Super Bowl before the week ends.  Seattle will win.  Steelers are a fluke and they will be left with a befudled look on their faces (just like Carolina had) by the 2nd half.  I predict Seattle by 12. Go Hawks.


D2’s home

If you want to see where the D2 team works (the building I am sitting in right now).  Check it out here.  This is a ‘birds-eye’ view from the new Windows Live Local Beta using MSN virtual earth.  It is surprising cool.  – Andy