XPS at TechEd 2006

Microsoft TechEd 2006 is next week and we will have a session on XPS there.  Marcio will be going solo with no support from his team, so if you are there, offer to carry something for him.  Description of the session: DEV324  Windows Vista As a Document Platform: Programming XPS and 2007 Microsoft Office System Documents with…


XPS, PDF and Adobe

So it is certainly an interesting news day today.  For those interested in the world of PDF and XPS, you probably have already read the Wall Street Journal Article about changes we are making because of Adobe.   There are also a few other articles that cover the story in case you do not have access…


WinHEC and Beta 2

It’s been a big week.  WinHEC is wrapping up and we have shipped Beta 2.  Beta 2 is awesome (I have been ‘XP-free’ for several months and love it) and it means we are really headed towards shipping.  I stopped by the Beta 2 ship party today here on campus where we had a live band,…


AIIM Day 3 – Final Day

AIIM – Final Day   Like all shows, the last day is always slow.  Still, we had a lot of traffic in the booth in the morning.  I headed out at noon to catch my flight home, but heard that even until 3 we still had a constant flow of people in the booth and…


It’s May! AIIM and Winhec around the corner

It is suddenly May and things are busy as ever around here. Of course, focusing on Beta 2 is our top priority and that looks real good at this point.  In two weeks we will be on the road at AIIM.  A lot of excitement brewing for this event.  It is the first time MS…


Latest D2 Newsletter is out

We get asked often about how to find out more info on XPS, or other things the D2 team is doing.  Well, we have a newsletter, but I think it needs a little more publicity.  Our newsletter is awesome, we’ve been publishing it for a while and it gives you all the things you need…


Microsoft and XPS at AIIM

Microsoft will have a big presence at the AIIM expo in Philadelphia this year (May 15-18).  A brief press release went ou on this yesterday.  This is a big deal to us.  It is the first time we have ever had a presence at AIIM.  Expect a large booth and several talks covering XPS, Office…


WinHec 2006 Registration Open

Winhec 2006 is already around the corner.  Here is a quick link to the topics coming from the D2 team. http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/winhec/tracks06.mspx#9 We will focus mostly on the XPS print driver architecture.  There will also be a dedicated session to Windows Media Photo. – Andy


D2’s home

If you want to see where the D2 team works (the building I am sitting in right now).  Check it out here.  This is a ‘birds-eye’ view from the new Windows Live Local Beta using MSN virtual earth.  It is surprising cool.  – Andy