New XPS Blog site

A new XPS blog site is up and running: This is a generic blog where entries from anyone on the XPS team are being posted.


Print Management Console in Server 2003 R2

Our team is shipping something very important soon – a new Print Management Console as part of Windows Server R2.  This new console gives administrators the tool they have always wanted to get control of their print environment.  It has the ability to manage multiple print servers, see printer status, job status, perform driver and…


Short Update on XPS Printing

We published a white paper on writing print drivers using the XPS filter pipeline.  It covers the different print paths in Vista, components of the filter pipeline and different options for writing XPS print drivers.  Get it here. Also, our friends from Global Graphics and Quality Logic announced some joint work to help the print…


Office and XPS support

It is not necessarily that interesting of a story for Microsoft to talk about how we are using our own technology (duh)!  But certainly when the Office team announced support for ‘save-as’ PDF in Office “12” earlier in the month, it raised speculation about if the same support would be there for XPS.  It should…



I forgot there is an XPS forum up on MSDN.  Not a lot of other people seem to know either as there is only 1 post.  Here is the link:  


Never a dull moment shipping software

In the last day I’ve:   Stared at bug charts/graphs/pivot tables to see how our different feature teams are doing, sent mail to areas I was concerned about, attend some more meetings on XPS licensing to ensure we were rock solid on being as open as possible, discussed some options on how we generate excitement…


XPS, open, royalty-free, cross platform…really

 I just got back from a week in Japan.  Thinking back to my trip, I am still surprised at how many times I was asked to confirm that XPS was an open format.  I visited a lot of partners that are building XPS hardware or software and I found myself forgetting that in our partners…


XPS and Windows Media Photo

Those tracking the XPS specification should have noticed that in v.75 we introduced Windows Media Photo as a supported image format in XPS (look on page 12).  Windows Media Photo is a new image format in Windows, but is also supported on other platforms.  Here is general overview from Windows Media Photo is a…


XPS and Open Packaging Conventions

I’ve decided it is way overdue that I start blogging about the amazing work we are doing around documents in Windows Vista.  1st topic is to talk about the splitting of the XPS specification into two parts:  XPS and Open Packaging Conventions.  I’m sitting here at my desk looking at the new printed copies with…