XPS .95 now available

Version .95 of the XPS spec is now available.  Download it from the XPS download site.  Also, go to the main XPS blog to get all the details on what is new and what is changed with this version.  Specs were printed out in baby-blue this time.  Last version was dark blue – so I…


InfoTrends talk in Boston

Next week I am off to Boston to speak at the InfoTrends Office Document Solutions conference.  Feel free to make fun of the bad picture of me on the website.  The title of my talk is ‘XPS Revealed’.  I’m going to take an stab at really explaining some of the fundamental trends in the software…


Beta 2 of XPS Essentials Pack is out

Beta 2 of the XPS essentials pack is out.  Read about the details and how to download at the XPS team blog.  Here is the quick list of what is in the pack: A stand-alone XPS Document Viewer Microsoft XPS Document Writer to output files to the XPS Document format through the print command of…


RC1 is out

RC1 of .NET 3.0 and Windows Vista has shipped.  If you are a beta tester for Vista you already should have access to the released bits.  Anyone can download .NET 3.0 from here. .NET 3.0 contains the latest bits of Windows Presentation Foundation and of course the platform APIs for XPS and the XPS viewer.  Also…

MXDW in July .NET 3.0 CTP

In the July CTP of .NET 3.0 (formerly WinFX) the XPS print driver (MXDW) is included in the package.  This may have been missed by a lot of people because, frankly we kind of forgot to tell everyone.  So, if you are using Windows XP and have been wondering how to get a hold of…


Updated Hardware Logo Requirements for XPS and WSD

We’ve announced some new requirements for hardware supporting XPS and WSD.  Specifically we are giving 1 year additional time for vendors to implement XPS and WSD before requiring those technologies in order to receive a Windows Premium Logo.  Here is the specific text captured from our latest newsletter that went out a few days ago:…


Windows Media Photo Update

There is new info posted on the web regarding Windows Media Photo licensing.  Latest info on licensing and a sample agreement is now posted.  The main Windows Media Photo page is here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/forpros/wmphoto/default.aspx The licensing page is here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/licensing/wmphoto.aspx -Andy


New D2 Newsletter and WinHEC slides

A new D2 newsletter hit the stands today.  If you are still not getting the newsletter please go  subscribe.  Lots of material in the newsletter.  One of the topics is that we re-cover the changes we are making due to Adobe’s threats.  No new changes to report. What I posted before on the subject is what we are doing.  Overall,…

Flickr Addiction

This year I have gotten more and more addicted to Flickr.  Don’t know how it happened. I’ve tried several photo sites including msn-spaces as a way to share photos, but Flickr seems to be the best.  Photography is probably my #2 hobby behind golf (and when I golf – I take pictures, so it doesn’t get…


WinFX rebranded as .NET Framework 3.0

Friday we announced rebranding WinFX as .NET Framework 3.0.  You can read about the details is Soma’s blog. – Andy