New DigSig Article

A new article on digital signatures is up on MSDN.  Written by Andrey Shur (our all-knowing, all-seeing PM on packaging technology) it gives an overview of how the whole OPC Digital Signing Framework works.  I know the Bears and Seahawks are playing this weekend, but you may want to spend that time reading this article instead.

- Andy

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  1. Kevin Andresen says:

    OT: So who do you root for between Bears/Seahawks?

  2. Andy Simonds says:

    I’ve claimed my allegiance to the Seahawks to the despair of my Chicago buddies.  Very tough decision.  Unless the hawks are down 30 by the half, then I’ll jump back on the Bears bandwagon faster than you can say Walter Payton.

  3. Kevin Andresen says:

    Ooof. Your buddies were right. Grossman’s no Jim McMahon, but the Bears look real this year. (Cedric Benson had a little Sweetness in him in the 2nd half!) You guys need Alexander’s foot to heal fast!

    Oh, and the baby blue cover is very nice.

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