InfoTrends talk in Boston

Next week I am off to Boston to speak at the InfoTrends Office Document Solutions conference.  Feel free to make fun of the bad picture of me on the website.  The title of my talk is 'XPS Revealed'.  I'm going to take an stab at really explaining some of the fundamental trends in the software industry, what customers have been looking for and how it lead us to make the investments in XPS and the overall document platform in Vista.  Should be fun for everyone.


Tim Sneath has a great list of quick-links to new downloads of Windows Vista/.NET RC1available.  I stole it for your convenience:


Summer is over here.  After the driest summer in history (everything is brown) and lots of fires still ranging in the mountains - the rain came today.  It's all over - we are doomed to pay for the great summer with 6 months straight rain.  So sad.    Here is an interesting picture I took this weekend. 

- Andy


A shell of its' former life

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