Flickr Addiction

This year I have gotten more and more addicted to Flickr.  Don't know how it happened. I've tried several photo sites including msn-spaces as a way to share photos, but Flickr seems to be the best.  Photography is probably my #2 hobby behind golf (and when I golf - I take pictures, so it doesn't get much better than that)!  With Flickr I can easily share photos with family/friends, and post those photos in different Flickr groups so I can get comments, feedback.  After a while, more and more people start commenting on photos, selecting photos as their 'favorites' and the whole 'community' feel that flickr does a great job of, starts to suck you in.  They also made it super easy to link photos to my blog - not that it is hard, but they just took the time to have the raw html associated with the photo so I could simply cut and paste it while I was creating a blog entry (it's the little things).  It has a method to send a photo directly to a blog using Atom or other feed methods, but I failed to get it to work with this blog (any help here would be great).

I'd normally be partial to a MS solution for this type of thing, but we just don't have anything I like right now.  Below are a few of my photos that have received a lot of 'views' on my flickr site - click on them to get to bigger versions.


Mountain Road



Lonely Tree - V2

Arcadia-No11 boat- 128

Comments (5)

  1. Разработчик из Microsoft нахваливает Flickr. Впрочем, интереснее сама фотка.

  2. anonymous says:

    Nice photos!

    The third one seems like the original of what later became the eXPerience theme desktop background? 🙂

    BTW, does Windows LIVE have any functioality similar to flickr? That would be too cool!

  3. Vasya says:

    Hello, do not click there.

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  4. Crad says:


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  5. Vasya says:


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