Windows Vista Product Guide

The Windows Vista Product Guide is available up on  It seems to have finished its’ appearing-disappearing act and is up there permanently.  Some links strangely point directly to the word doc forcing you to download a 60MB file instead of the smaller xps version.  Here is the link to the page where you can make the choice between the two versions.

The doc is actually a great read about all the stuff in Windows Vista.  A good chapter on XPS is in there.

- Andy

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  1. Bill Maxwell says:

    Windows Vista Product Guide –  If you have VISTA or RC1 you can download the XPS File.   I have XP and just installed .NET 3.0 and still can’t down load the XPS file.

    Somewhere I read if you have .NET 3.0 on XP and IE7 you can read XPS files.  

    Has any one downloaded this hog and copied it to a stardard Word Document?

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