New D2 Newsletter and WinHEC slides

A new D2 newsletter hit the stands today.  If you are still not getting the newsletter please go  subscribe.  Lots of material in the newsletter.  One of the topics is that we re-cover the changes we are making due to Adobe’s threats.  No new changes to report. What I posted before on the subject is what we are doing.  Overall,…

Flickr Addiction

This year I have gotten more and more addicted to Flickr.  Don’t know how it happened. I’ve tried several photo sites including msn-spaces as a way to share photos, but Flickr seems to be the best.  Photography is probably my #2 hobby behind golf (and when I golf – I take pictures, so it doesn’t get…


WinFX rebranded as .NET Framework 3.0

Friday we announced rebranding WinFX as .NET Framework 3.0.  You can read about the details is Soma’s blog. – Andy

XPS at TechEd 2006

Microsoft TechEd 2006 is next week and we will have a session on XPS there.  Marcio will be going solo with no support from his team, so if you are there, offer to carry something for him.  Description of the session: DEV324  Windows Vista As a Document Platform: Programming XPS and 2007 Microsoft Office System Documents with…

Windows Vista Product Guide

The Windows Vista Product Guide is available up on  It seems to have finished its’ appearing-disappearing act and is up there permanently.  Some links strangely point directly to the word doc forcing you to download a 60MB file instead of the smaller xps version.  Here is the link to the page where you can…


XPS, PDF and Adobe

So it is certainly an interesting news day today.  For those interested in the world of PDF and XPS, you probably have already read the Wall Street Journal Article about changes we are making because of Adobe.   There are also a few other articles that cover the story in case you do not have access…


Brian Jones Blog about PDF in Office

Brian just posted an entry about the decision to remove PDF support from Office.