Setup Day is Done

It's 11:30 and setup day is done.  Demos work, slides have been polished.  Saw some cool demos from partners who are presenting in our booth.  Was happy to see our banner hanging at the entrance of the show:


That's Adrian waving who has no idea his picture is already posted on the web for all to see.

Our booth isn't as great as I was hoping, but it's OK and enough for what we need.  Tomorrow the on-slaught begins. 

Dinner at an Indian restraunt at the corner of 2nd and Chestnut.  I don't like Indian food, but it was very good.  I'll try and remember the name tomorrow.

- Andy

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  1. Adrian (that Adrian) says:

    Cafe Spice. Wonderful wonderful food. 2nd and Chestnut.

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