WinHEC and Beta 2

It’s been a big week.  WinHEC is wrapping up and we have shipped Beta 2.  Beta 2 is awesome (I have been ‘XP-free’ for several months and love it) and it means we are really headed towards shipping.  I stopped by the Beta 2 ship party today here on campus where we had a live band,…


WinFX Beta 2 available for download

WinFX Beta 2 is available for download here.  This will give you the exact platform bits for WinFX including the XPS platform components and XPS viewer that are in Windows Vista.  You can install this on XP or Server 2003. – Andy


Some Recent Press

A bunch of press over the last 2 weeks.  Thought I would play the manual news-feed effort and collect them here.   – Andy   Sharp to Use Zoran’s IPSTM XPS Software in Multifunction Peripherals Sharp comes to the party with plans for XPS support in their devices   Peerless Supports Microsoft Windows Vista Printing…


AIIM Day 3 – Final Day

AIIM – Final Day   Like all shows, the last day is always slow.  Still, we had a lot of traffic in the booth in the morning.  I headed out at noon to catch my flight home, but heard that even until 3 we still had a constant flow of people in the booth and…


AIIM Day 2

An amazing day.  Went by so fast.  We had a steady run of people coming by the booth, a lot busier than yesterday.  Good attendance for our theater presentation and the general session.  We had the ability to interact with CTOs, VPs and CIOs from all sorts of company’s – ISVs that build solutions for…


AIIM Day 1

Day 1 is in the can!  A good steady stream of people all day.  There wasn’t a huge # of people in the booth (less than I expected), but our theatre presentations were well attended and it seemed we always had a least one customer at the XPS station. Partners also had a great presence. …


Setup Day is Done

It’s 11:30 and setup day is done.  Demos work, slides have been polished.  Saw some cool demos from partners who are presenting in our booth.  Was happy to see our banner hanging at the entrance of the show: That’s Adrian waving who has no idea his picture is already posted on the web for all…


In Philly

AIIM time is here.  A 4.5 hour flight took over 6 hours as we spun over farm fields forever before landing in Philly.  A long trip, but finally here.  Had a big dinner at Magiannos (amazing tiramisu).  Lots of guessing about what the show will be like.  It’s been more than 6-10 years since any of…


It’s May! AIIM and Winhec around the corner

It is suddenly May and things are busy as ever around here. Of course, focusing on Beta 2 is our top priority and that looks real good at this point.  In two weeks we will be on the road at AIIM.  A lot of excitement brewing for this event.  It is the first time MS…