Latest D2 Newsletter is out

We get asked often about how to find out more info on XPS, or other things the D2 team is doing.  Well, we have a newsletter, but I think it needs a little more publicity.  Our newsletter is awesome, we've been publishing it for a while and it gives you all the things you need to know about what we are doing.  When are new features showing up in releases?  What events are we presenting at? Where to get the latest specs?  Everything.  If you want to subscribe to the newsletter click this link to subscribe.  To see old newsletters, these are now available on-line.

In the latest newsletter (which came out today) you will notice the subtle introduction of our XPS icon:



This will be used for the icon artwork in Windows and any other place we reference XPS.  It is supposed to make you feel that you can go places, send documents at will, share, be free!!....well, anyway it just looks cool to me and hopefully it will give XPS nice imagery in people's brains where today all we have is a TLA.

Reminder:  Winhec and AIIM are coming up.  They will be great shows, we have a lot of content to present.  I will be at both, but at AIIM I will likely be at the booth almost everyday so come by and say hi.

- Andy

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