Lyra Conference and XPS

The Lyra Conference 2006 Imaging Symposium is underway right now.  It's a conference for the printing industry and this year has some XPS content in it.  Along with that some press-releases usually hit.  Sofware Imaging has put one out announcing some work they are doing with Global Graphics.  Press release is here.    I usually go to this conference, as it is hard to it pass up going to Palm Springs with all the gloomy weather here...but with shipping looming closer, I am not straying too far from Redmond these days.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Gotta say, I was there and it was great to see the industry so well informed on the spec. A bunch of folks told me that they were "very familiar" with the XPS spec. Lots of great innovation activity underway in the print space around XPS.

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