New XPS Spec in time for Christmas – 0.8 live today

Yes, un-like the Xbox guys, we have the latest XPS spec available in time for Christmas with un-limitted quantities in stock.  The 0.8 version of the XPS and Open Packaging Conventions spec is posted here.  Info on what is new in the spec is up on the XPS team blog. Also, the December CTP of…


XPS Five Points of Light – Part 3: High Fidelity Graphics

One part of our goal with XPS was to ensure that documents can be viewed and printed with high quality, great fidelity and superb performance. The seeds of XPS delivering an amazing graphics experience began with the new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) development platform (It started its life as “Avalon”). WPF was built on a…


Programming XPS Documents: MSDN Article

An article for MSDN magazine written by Bob Watson, a technical writer on our team, went live today- get it here.   The article is about programming XPS walks through some of the architecture of XPS and the APIs in Windows Presentation Foundation. Code snipits are included.  – Andy


D2’s home

If you want to see where the D2 team works (the building I am sitting in right now).  Check it out here.  This is a ‘birds-eye’ view from the new Windows Live Local Beta using MSN virtual earth.  It is surprising cool.  – Andy

A few blogs to read…

I was in one of the Microsoft cafeterias earlier this week and saw a guy with a plain black t-shirt that had white lettering that simply said: “no one reads my blog”. I thought it was hilarious. Once you start a blog, that clearly defines the anxiety you experience – “I just posted something really…


XPS Five Points of Light – Part 2: Trustworthy

Trustworthy is an integral part of a successful electronic document format. So what do I mean by that? Trust XPS? Trust Microsoft (of course!)? Trust Me? Well, our goal is that end customers can implicitly trust XPS as an electronic document format as an integral part of their document workflow. Or..simply that an end-user can…


Snow in Seattle

It actually did finally snow in Seattle.  Very nice, kids got out of school on Friday (2 inches of snow will do that here).