No Snow – No Xbox 360

Last night Seattle was in a frenzy about the big snow storm coming, but once again it was not to be.  A little snow up where I live which is up in the hills, but washed away by rain by the morning.  Being from Chicago, I miss a good snow storm during the winter and of course I always enjoy seeing Seattle get completely crazy over just a couple of inches.  I also miss not having an Xbox 360.  Working for Microsoft has no benifits here, no one has one, no stores have any stock yet, we are high and dry.  So sad...will there even be one available for Christmas?  No one seems to know.

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  1. David says:

    Hi Andy,

    I too grew up in the Chicago area however I now live in Texas (last 24 years). You ought to see how frantic they get here when it snows! An inch will close the schools & most businesses for the day.

    And yes, I hear that Santa’s supposed to be getting more 360’s 😉

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