XPS Five Points of Light – Part1: Open Format

I felt it was overdue to talk about what I see as the ‘all-up’ key values that XPS brings to our customers. By the way ‘all-up’ is a phrase I started using only since after working for Microsoft. It is used a lot in meetings where a VP asks: “what’s the ‘all-up’ customer satisfaction metric…


No Snow – No Xbox 360

Last night Seattle was in a frenzy about the big snow storm coming, but once again it was not to be.  A little snow up where I live which is up in the hills, but washed away by rain by the morning.  Being from Chicago, I miss a good snow storm during the winter and…


WPF November CTP is out

The WPF November CTP is available for download.  This contains the latest XPS viewer.  If you are testing XPS files from the Office ’12’ beta..make sure you use the November CTP – the September CTP will not work! – Andy


Tim Sneath gives a tour of D2 on Channel 9

Tim Sneath, recently walked the hallways of Building 2 chatting with people on the D2 team about innovations around printing, color and XPS.  The video is up on msdn channel 9 right now!  You can see some demos we have shown at past events like Winhec and PDC including XPS printing and scanning and also some…


New XPS Blog site

A new XPS blog site is up and running:   http://blogs.msdn.com/xps/ This is a generic blog where entries from anyone on the XPS team are being posted.


Print Management Console in Server 2003 R2

Our team is shipping something very important soon – a new Print Management Console as part of Windows Server R2.  This new console gives administrators the tool they have always wanted to get control of their print environment.  It has the ability to manage multiple print servers, see printer status, job status, perform driver and…


Short Update on XPS Printing

We published a white paper on writing print drivers using the XPS filter pipeline.  It covers the different print paths in Vista, components of the filter pipeline and different options for writing XPS print drivers.  Get it here. Also, our friends from Global Graphics and Quality Logic announced some joint work to help the print…