Build Content 2011 Spring Cleaning

Temps are in the ‘90s outside and the HVAC is failing in my area of the building. So while technically the season is still spring, today feels like summer to me. But I’m trying to stay cool, and I hope you find the Team Foundation Build content I’m releasing today cool as well. Publishing this content feels to me like a bit of spring cleaning because I’m refactoring some topics to improve and reduce duplication in some of our coverage of fundamental concepts.

I would not normally bother to blog about content restructuring; but in fact, with this release I’m expanding coverage into some details that in the past have received shallow or no coverage at all. Our wing of the MSDN library now offers several new topics to help you understand and work with fundamental build process capabilities in the newly retitled Define Your Build Process.

Some of these topics include (or link to) more detailed explanations that I hope will be helpful:

Some of this information was already published in multiple places, but is now consolidated:

I hope you find this material useful and its design to be efficient in giving you knowledge you need to do your job. As always, I welcome your feedback.


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