Internships at Microsoft for Aussie students – be quick!

Unfortunately I don’t have time this morning to do my usual practice of rewriting this news into my own words, but it’s too good to let lie unpublished and I’ll be offline for the next few days, so here’s the deal:     Options are Good. In life and in your career. A Real World…

Imagine Cup Local Finals – Register your attendance today!

COOL! We’re on the final approach for Imagine Cup 2009 and I’m happy to announce that we’ll be holding the local finals for Australia on the evening of the May 27th. The top teams who have entered the Software Design category go head to head with some incredibly creative and innovative ideas on how to…


Student Daze Day One

Well, here we are in the middle of day two and I’ve finally got more than a few seconds to write up yesterday’s experience. It was an absolutely full-on day – 6.30am start and a 11pm finish (originally scheduled to go to midnight but the students got an early mark). The day started with a…


Student Daze – a little taste of the world

As I mentioned in a previous post, Student Daze is a Summit for MSPs from around the world. This morning we caught a shuttle (with very dark tinted windows) over to the Redmond campus for a day of amazing sessions. In just this one shuttle of 8 or so guys, we ended up having a…


Student Daze Twitter

Just to make it easy on myself, I’ve been twittering through the sessions little tidbits of info. You can follow me on Alternatively, search for the #studentdaze tag (here’s a direct link: Check out Frank’s blog post on the blogging panel here:


Student Daze Day Zero

The cool guys at Microsoft HQ decided it would be a good idea to celebrate the MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) program by inviting a small number from all over the world to come together for the first Student Daze MSP Summit. This two day conference is jam-packed full of sessions for the MSPs as well…