Creating Great Apps

Note: This is a summary of a guide that I and a couple of other great people worked on – link to the full document at the end of this post. So you want to create an app? Or perhaps a game? We want to help! And we don’t want to simply help you to…


Imagine Cup 2013 Games Finalists Announced

So! The moment has arrived! The teams selected for the Worldwide Finals in Russia have been announced. Here’s the list: Team UMA, Angola – Don’t Fret Zeppelin Studio, Austria – Schein WickedGames, Czech Republic – reSOUND Banzai Lightning, France – SEED Seven Worlds, France – Kameon Solite Studio, Indonesia – Save the Hamsters PsyTrack, Puerto…


Quick Coaching Session for Imagine Cup Games

As the deadline is fast approaching for the online Imagine Cup Games competition, we thought it might be a good idea to quickly cover what we’re looking for during the judging. If you’re in a team competing in the Games competition and are looking for info on what makes a great entry, check in on…


WOWZAPP 2012: Want to get involved?

I’m truly excited about WOWZAPP 2012: Worldwide Hackathon for Windows, and it’s great to see all these cities from all over the world joining the party. But what happens if you want to be part of this thing but don’t have a local place to go? Why not run your own WOWZAPP 2012 mini-party? We’ll…


WOWZAPP 2012: The Worldwide Hackathon for Windows

I’ve been quiet the past few months. Really ever since Imagine Cup, I’ve been head down, planning, scheming, organizing and generally hiding away while I got ready. Ready for what? Ready for this: WOWZAPP 2012 – the world’s first worldwide hackathon for Windows! WOWZAPP 2012 will run in dozens of countries around the globe –…


Imagine Cup 2012 Game Design Finalists – Phone

Just as impressive as the games in my last post, here are the ten finalists headed to Sydney to compete for the Game Design Phone category of Imagine Cup. You’ll see a great variety of countries, game concepts and pretty much everything else, and all of this on the Windows Phone. I want to reiterate…


Imagine Cup 2012 Game Design Finalists – Xbox/Windows

Here we are again! Another year and another brilliant batch of games that have wowed the judges. This year we only have two tracks, recognition of the increased quality of games built in HTML5 and Windows 8 providing native support for HTML5 development, but we’ve also increased the number of finalists headed to Sydney, Australia…


GlobalGameJam – It’s On, We’re There!

I’m totally excited for this weekend. It’s the annual GlobalGameJam where hundreds of places all across the globe all spend 48 hours creating video games for a multitude of platforms. I love GGJ because it grows organically – each organizer decides to host their Jam site and puts up their own links and does their…


Game Design Scoring Rubric 2012

One question that crops up a lot when I talk to students about the Game Design competitions is how will their games be scored. It’s an understandable concern – if you know what the judges are going to be looking for, then you know how to build your game in a way that maximises your…


Where to start… Windows Phone applications

In a recent post, I walked through the process of getting up and running with DreamSpark, AppHub, finding the tools, and ultimately publishing your app or game to the marketplace. There was one step I half-skimmed over though, because it’s one of those “whatever YOU want to do” kind of things. The actual application itself….