Imagine Cup 2013 Games Finalists Announced

So! The moment has arrived! The teams selected for the Worldwide Finals in Russia have been announced. Here’s the list:

  • Team UMA, Angola – Don’t Fret
  • Zeppelin Studio, Austria – Schein
  • WickedGames, Czech Republic – reSOUND
  • Banzai Lightning, France – SEED
  • Seven Worlds, France – Kameon
  • Solite Studio, Indonesia – Save the Hamsters
  • PsyTrack, Puerto Rico – Piggy Spanker
  • Quad Damage, Russia – Lasercraft
  • Space Fighters, Turkey – Space Fight X
  • Bluetooth, Vietnam – Green Heaven

For more information on the teams, you can check out the official page here:

Congratulations all, I look forward to seeing you in Russia!

A quick note on team selections: Every country participating in Imagine Cup was able to select a national representative to go to St Petersburg to compete in one of the three main competitions: World Citizenship, Innovation and Games. We then supplemented those country finalists who represent the Games Competition with a number of teams from the online Games Competition which I look after. The above list represents the top games in the online competition AND those teams that are representing their nation.

All Online Entries: If you’d like to see all of the game trailers for the hundreds of games we judged in the online competition, check out my playlists here: and Don’t forget to comment on and thumbs up those entries you think are cool and you’d love to play. 🙂

Comments (1)

  1. Felipe says:

    One thing about the trailers, in the rules is said that the game trailer must have the ImagineCup Intro logo and must be at maximun 30s, and in your playlist (and between the finalists) are a lot of trailler that don't achieve those criteria, so, how can then be selected if they didn't follow the rules?

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